Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Months and Laughing!

Libbi Jane I can NOT believe that you are three months old today!! Here is a little bit about you in your third month of life:

  • You weigh around 15 pounds (to the best of my measurements...I weigh myself without you, then weigh myself holding you...yes, it is just as fun as it sounds!)

  • You wear size 2 diapers and most of your clothes are sizes 3-6 months. I had to buy you a few more onesies to get you through the last days of summer/warm weather, because all of your 0-3's no longer fit!

  • You smile all the time now and it melts my heart each and every time. We call you our little flirt, because you are always "making eyes" and smiling at your butterfly and the ceiling fan. You flirt with the two of them all day long! Sometimes even when you're crying, you will lay eyes on that fan and break into a smile. If only I had the same effect on you - ha!

  • You looooove to talk to your Daddy! You will coo and smile and squeal at him like no one else! If I try to join in, you will look at me like I am "interrupting" and then continue talking to Daddy!

  • You are trying so hard to roll over from your back to your tummy and I don't think it will be too much longer. You make it from your back all the way onto your side and then run your little legs like there is no tomorrow, but just can't seem to get that last little "oomph" to make it onto your tummy.

  • You love sitting up. You like to look around and take everything in. Your head is on a constant "swivel" as you look back and forth and all around at everything you can. I hate to say it, but you are a little bit, okay a lot, spoiled! We are in trouble, because we already can't say "no" to you!

  • You have been to church and the church nursery (you did great...even better than I did!), you have also been to the grocery store and Target this month. You do NOT like being put in your car seat, but once you are strapped in you are fine and usually pass out in a matter of seconds.

  • You took your first beach vacation! You did not like the beach very much, but you sure did look cute in your bathing suit and sunglasses. You are an awesome traveller! You slept the entire drive to and from Florida...only waking up to be changed and to eat. We were very relieved!

  • You are really getting good at sitting in your Bumbo seat! You love to sit in it and watch tv, or the fan or play with your toys. I am so proud of how well you can hold your head up all on your own! I really think you are going to be Miss Independent (despite my smothering - ha!) because you are perfectly content laying on your mat or sitting in your bumbo and just talking to yourself. You do not like to be held all the time.

  • When you do want to be held, you are such a cuddler! I love it!! You are so squishy and full of so many rolls....I just want to squeeze you all the time! There is nothing I love more in this world than when you put your head on my shoulder and go to sleep, or when you curl your little fingers around mine.

  • You are an excellent eater! You never miss a meal, that's for sure! I love nursing you and the time that we get to spend together just me and you. Here lately you have started to notice that I am actually the one feeding you - ha! Sometimes you take forever to eat, because you keep stopping to smile at me or to talk to me...it is too sweet for words! You also love to rest your hand on my arm while you eat and you curl your little fingers in and out, in and out the entire time you eat. It tickles like CRAZY, but I don't mind one little bit =)

  • You have decided that you prefer your fingers over your pacifier...this could be a good or a bad thing, we're not quite sure which one....

  • And believe it or not, today on your "3-month-birthday" you did something new! You laughed!! It is music to our ears. Even better, I caught it on video!!

Libbi Jane you are the love of our lives and we are so thankful for you every day! Just when we think we couldn't possibly love you any more, we wake up the next morning and we do! My heart is so full of love for you that I think it could burst. Your Daddy and I thank God every day for blessing us with you....we can't wait to see what Month 4 brings!

*video disclaimer....please keep in mind while watching this video that it is content over quality - ha! I was holding a baby with one hand and a flip cam with the other just praying that her face was somewhere in view, not to mention that I was beside myself with excitement....*

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