Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Year ~vs~ This Year

We had the BEST trip to the beach last week. What a nice, relaxing (much-needed) vacation! It rained quite a bit, but honestly, we didn't even mind! We got to spend some great family time together and Jeffrey got to spend lots of Daddy-Daughter time with Libbi. He loved getting to see all of her good moods and fun times in the mornings and early afternoons that he usually has to miss while he is at work. He is an amazing Daddy and she loves him sooo much! There is nothing sweeter than seeing the two of them together!

While everyone warned us that this beach trip would be "different" from all the others since we were taking Libbi, we couldn't really comprehend how "different" it would be until we experienced it for ourselves. We were fortunate enough to have my parents with us, so I don't think we experienced the full effects of vacation with a baby just yet, because we had two very attentive and eager babysitters grandparents! ;)

I did however notice a few differences in last year's (pre-baby) vacation and this year's (post-baby) vacation. Hence, the title of this post,
"Last Year ~vs~ This Year"

Last Year...We still vacationed with my parents, but I rode down with just my mom and dad while Jeffrey stayed behind to play in a golf tournament and joined us a few days later. We drove my car, but I got to sit "shot-gun" due to my car sickness.
This Year... All five of us crammed into my car and I was banished to the backseat (with no leg room) to tend to the baby throughout the car ride.

Last Year... I took two drammamine and passed out as soon as we pulled out of the drive-way. During our one stop to use the restroom, I'm sure people thought I was on drugs, becasue I was so oblivious to everything around me. I promptly passed back out and woke up 6 hours later to the sand and sun.
This Year... I was blissfully awake during the ENTIRE 7.5 hours in the car....no drammamine for this breastfeeding momma. During our one stop to use the restroom, I'm sure people thought I was more than a little "trashy" since I had not showered, was basically in my pajamas, had a barefoot baby (who was in only a diaper at one point) and was breastfeeding in a parking lot.

Last Year... I took two suitcases - one full of all my cute beach attire and one full of the shoes and accessories to go with that cute beach attire.
This Year...Jeffrey and I shared a suitcase, but we also took a pack-n-play, bouncy seat, box of diapers, boppy play-mat, beach tent and an additional suitcase of baby clothes.

Last Year...I had no problem whatsoever being photographed in my bathing suit.
This Year...Everyone was threatened within an inch of their life if they so much even breathed the word, "camera" while I was in my bathing suit.

Last Year...I thought my vacation was "ruined" if there was a day of rain and I had to miss out on getting my tan on.
This Year...It rained quite a bit and I could really have cared less. I was outside for a maybe a total of three hours the entire trip. In fact, even on some of the sunny days I CHOSE to stay inside.

Last Year...I brought any medications that I may need, a cell phone, and my cell phone charger.
This Year...I forgot all my medication, but remembered the Baby Tylenol and the rectal thermometer. I forgot my cell phone, but remembered my (useless) charger and Libbi's toy cell phone.

Last Year...We loved sharing a room on our first vacation together as a "married couple."
This Year...We slept in separate rooms/beds because we were more comfortable that way.

Last Year...We spent all day on the beach, then came in and showered, and went out to dinner when we were hungry.
This Year...We planned our entire day around Libbi's schedule. We went to dinner immediately after she was fed so we could be home again before her next feeding.

Last Year...I took maybe 10 pictures our entire vacation.
This Year...I took upwards of 400....Jeffrey may have even told me on more than one occasion that I was "embarrassing" him becasue of all the pictures I was taking when we went out.

Last Year...I had no idea what I was missing
This Year...I cherished EVERY sweet moment with my baby girl.

Here are a *few* of the pictures from our vacation. Like I said, I took somewhere around 400 (give or take a few)....these are just some of my favorites that I made into collages. I could have posted lots more, but seeing as how this post is already long enough, I figured I would spare you - ha!
(Don't forget, if you want to see them larger, you can just click on them)

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