Monday, September 21, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I have NOT been using sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner since I took them to the hospital with me when I had Libbi...this should NOT be a reflection of how much I actually wash my hair....I have also NOT been using a trial size makeup that I bought during that time, too. Again, this should NOT be a reflection of how often I have been wearing makeup these days....

I did NOT just come back from a week at the beach where I spent all of three hours laying out (for the whole week!) It has NOT been so long since my pasty self has seen the sun that I am NOT peeling after my three combined hours of sun (even after lathering on 30 SPF...)

My husband did NOT ask me when I was returning to work. When I told him "on our anniversary..." he did NOT reply, "oh, on the 17th??" I did NOT re-emphasize, "NO...on our anniversary." He did NOT ask yet again, "I know, on the 17th...right??" Our anniversary is on the 13th....

I would NEVER go an extended period of time without cleaning our bathroom. It has NOT been since the day before our baby was born that it received a good scrub-down. I will NOT mention the date that our child was born for sheer embarrassment of how long it's been (but you can find the date somewhere on the blog if you're really interested...)

I did NOT wash two loads of laundry with what I though was liquid detergent. It was NOT actually just fabric softener. I did NOT deem these clothes as "clean" and wear them anyway...

While out to eat on vacation I did NOT ask my parents to pretend to pose for a picture so I could take a photo of the lady behind them. I was NOT taking her photo because her "coin slot" was in plain view. My parents did NOT happily comply and we did NOT look at the photo later and laugh. I am NOT horribly ashamed about this...and I will absolutely NOT post this don't even ask!

I NEVER ever pose my sweet baby in pictures...just because I can. I would NEVER use her for my own entertainment....especially while she is sleeping and just an easy target.

Speaking of posing for pictures, my husband NEVER puts special "hats" on Libbi. These hats have NOT included a diaper (it was clean!) or her own bloomers. He does NOT think this is funny....and I do NOT act mad, but then take a picture anyway.

Finally, we are NOT so spoiled by our king-size bed at home that anything smaller just feels cramped. When we went on vacation last week, after sharing the full-size bed for one night, we did NOT decide that it was just too squishy. We did NOT proceed to sleep in separate beds/rooms for the remainder of our vacation just so we could each "sleep better" and be more comfortable. Nope, "Not Me!"

Happy Monday!

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