Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...kind of... case you were wondering....I will be otherwise occupied from 8pm-10pm tonight!
Wednesday is my NEW FAVORITE night of the week.

Why? you ask.....

Because of this

and this


And did I mention that

Wentworth Miller < *sigh* >

will be on SVU tonight?!?!?

Could I be any more excited?

Yes. Actually, I could.

Wanna know why????

SVU is coming on more 10pm! Helllllooooo 9 o'clock!!

I am one early-to-bed-girl that is mucho happy about that!!

So, all that being said....or not said (since it's supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday"...oops!) don't be offended if you call between the hours of 8pm - 10pm tonight and you are promptly sent to voicemail. ;)

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