Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Bulldog

It was a close game, but a win just the same!  Libbi was all decked out in her UGA attire, ready to cheer on the Dawgs.  Today she decided to wear the shirt that Aunt Mandie & Uncle Justin (my bro and sis-in-law) gave her for Christmas last year (when I was pregnant and before we even knew she was a girl!) 

Aunt Mandie & Uncle Justin

Here I am last Christmas (12-25-08 ) opening the present from Justin & Mandie...please excuse my cheesy smile....I guess I was just really happy =)

Here is our "Little Bulldog" right before the UGA Game
(09-26-09) wearing the shirt from above...couldn't you just eat her up?!

Oh goody, goody, goody....I just love Game Day!

She loved yelling, "Gooooooo Dogs!"

Libbi was not thrilled when the game was tied.... I had to remind her to keep her voice down when she was yelling at the officials!  Looks like we'll be having a lesson on good sportsmanship early on....

But, thank goodness the dogs pulled through with a last minute field goal...and we had one happy Little Bulldog on our hands!

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