Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Favorites...

I saw this "Summer Favorite" post on Lianna's blog over at "Be Thou A Knight" and thought that I would play along, too! Here are some of my favorites from this summer...

Favorite Summer Movie:
I am embarrassed to say that the ONLY movie I have seen this summer is....drum roll, please....The Hangover! My only excuse is that I was pregnant at the time (we went out the weekend BEFORE having Libbi) I was HUGE and totally miserable. I needed a good laugh (albeit a crude and highly inappropriate one). Of course now that I am a mom...I am much more mature and would not be caught dead in such a vulgar movie....ha!

Favorite Summer Cocktail:
This probably doesn't count, because it's not technically a cocktail, but I have been addicted to all things CAFFEINE! Since I gave up (okay, cut back) on drinking caffeine while pregnant, I am now luh-ving drinking my morning (and sometimes afternoon and evening) Dr. Pepper's! And, there is honestly nothing better than a fountain coke with a splash of grenadine! Heaven!!

Favorite Summer Song:

I don't listen to the radio much, but I have been addicted to my new Lady Antebellum CD. I happened to see their concert on TV one night and my addiction has now grown to obsession since I actually saw the lead singer, Charles Kelley - whew!

Of course he doesn't compare to this hottie, but he is still a nice piece of eye candy ;)

Favorite Summer Meal:
Helloooooo my old friend Chick-Fil-A!! One of the only food aversions that I had while pregnant was Chick-Fil-A...shocker! But, never fear...since giving birth, my love for all things CFA has come back with a vengeance! Can you say, #5 8-pack with a Dr. Pepper and some polynesian sauce, please???

Favorite Summer Outfit:
Is is wrong to say, "whatever fits?" Just's really my pajamas....just kidding, again (kind of). After giving birth it's hard to adjust to the "post-baby" body that suddenly appears and frequently changes day to day. Dresses are my favorite right now, because they're just easier to wear. But my REAL favorite outfit this summer are these "fancy pants" on my precious baby girl!

Favorite Summer Reading:
Shamefully, People Magazine....I think that's the only thing I've read this summer...unless you count other people's blogs as a summer read?? Those rank right up there with my People Magazine.

Favorite Summer Moment:
As if you had to ask.....

Feel free to play along and make your own list of Summer Favorites. Leave me a comment if you are posting it on your blog....I would love to read it! Or you can just list your favorites when you leave your comment on my blog...I can't wait to hear all about your summer!!

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