Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome (back)!

This past Sunday we FINALLY made it back to church....again. The first six weeks of Libbi's little life we had stayed home from church as advised by the Dr....the next three weeks we stayed home....just cause we were tired. I know, I know, bad excuse. We made it back for the first time when she was 10 weeks old...and then got tired again the next week. So this past Sunday, we made a commitment to have "no more excuses" and make worship a priority. After all, we want to set a good example for our sweet girl (even though she sleeps through church)!

When we took Libbi to church for the first time two weeks ago, we did not drop her off in the nursery. Luckily, our church has a theater for parents with children. Since they discourage you from taking your baby into the main worship center (which sounds harsh, but it's really not...besides, it is SO loud in there that I think it would scare Libbi to death) they provide another room where families are welcome to worship. We tried this out the first time we went back and while it was nice to have her with us, it was really difficult to concentrate....

When there are talking children, breastfeeding mothers, late-comers, early-departers, technical difficulties, diaper-changes, and the sweet face of my sleeping baby to stare at - it's definitely a challenge to pay attention. After leaving that service a few weeks ago, we decided that on our next trip to church we would leave (ahh!!) Libbi in the nursery.

Easier said than done....

Come Sunday morning, I was a nervous wreck. Libbi was bathed, dressed (in her cute outfit, of course....we wanted her to make a good first impression on all the nursery workers....especially since she would more than likely have her morning "blow-out" while she was in their care...) and we were on our way. By the time we got ready to drop her off she was peacefully sleeping...blissfully unaware that I was about to leave her with strangers!

While we were more attentive during this "child-less" service....it was still a challenge for me to pay close attention. Even though I did not have my sweet girl to stare at love on, she was definitely on my mind! I think I asked Jeffrey at least 100 times, "Do you think she's still asleep?" or "Do you think she's had her diaper changed?" or better yet, "Do you think she's mad at us?" Bless Jeffrey's heart, he kindly answered me EVERY single time (even though at this point I know I was distracting him from the whole experience, too) and he assured me that she was fine and would still love me when we picked her up.

And, guess what??? He was right!

When we picked up our baby girl, she was running her little legs off in a bouncy seat...just being her cute self. I will not mention the fact that she had done her morning business and HAD NOT been changed...that's okay, I will keep that to myself. I will also not mention that when I saw her in this strange bouncy seat that I immediately wondered if/how they cleaned it and if they were taking swine flu precautions....nope, I will keep those "crazy-mom" thoughts to myself.....

All in all, it was a learning experience and we are glad that we are getting back into the swing of things, but Y'ALL....it is hard! Pray for us as we continue to make Sunday morning worship a priority for our family. Not only do we want Libbi to know the importance of the Lord's Day, but we want her to know that it is also important for her Momma and Daddy, too! We want to raise our sweet girl to enjoy going to church and to be able to look forward to learning more about her Creator. We know that He has entrusted her to us and that we are responsible for making sure she is taught about Him. This is a huge responsibility, but also a privilege! We pray that the Lord will continue to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew us each Sunday morning that we are in His House!

This is how our morning played out....

Libbi was just relaxing in her glider when I went to get her from her room...

We're going to church???

You're going to LEAVE ME???!!!

I can't believe this is happening...I'm NOT going!

Ha ha ha...gotcha! I was just kidding! I LOVE church! =)

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