Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where There's A Will...

...There's A Way!

Libbi has got to be THE smartest 3-month-old I know! She has already learned the virtue of perseverance - ha!

Since the weather is turning cooler and she doesn't like to be covered up, we put her in a "sleep sack" when she goes to bed. She wears her cute-as-a-button footed pajamas, you know, the kind that just makes you want to squeeeeeeze her - and then she wears her sleep sack over them.

Have I mentioned that she is a kicking fool? She will kick her legs and squirm around something fierce! We can hear her pounding her little heels against the mattress as soon as she wakes up (and even sometimes when she's still sleeping!)

Anyway, the other morning when I got her out of bed, I unzipped her sleep sack to change her diaper and noticed something a little odd....

I thought maybe in my middle-of-the-night-not-really-sure-what's-going-on-or-where-I-am-or-what-I'm -doing- fog I forgot to snap her pajamas after changing her diaper.

Um, actually no.

This sweet girl had wiggled her way THROUGH one of the tiny holes in between the snaps! She had kicked her chubby little leg all the way through and let me tell you, she was so proud of herself!

Future Gymnast? Cheerleader? Dancer? Contortionist???

Only God knows....but we hope and pray that whatever she does, she will work hard and never lose the determination and "kick" that she already possesses!

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