Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Festival

Don'tcha just love Fall?! The cooler weather.....the leaves changing of course the ever popular "Fall Festival!"

Libbi has experienced a little bit of the cooler weather, seen a few leaves changing colors, watched her fair share of college football, she has a precious little onesie with a pumpkin on it, she's got some cute little boots (or at least socks that look like boots) and this past Thursday she went to her first Fall Festival! 

Raise your hand if you love Fall Festivals!!!!

Every year my school has a Fall Festival.  The elementary school (K, 1) the Academy (2-5) and the Middle School all participate.  It's so much fun and basically every single person and their brother come (imagine pushing a stroller through that crowd....super fun...or not!) Libbi and I decided to go this year and check everything out (and to get reacquainted with the idea of being around hundreds of kids all talking at the same time.....and calling my name.....and calling my name......and calling my name.... just a little bit of preparation for my return to work on Tuesday ;) )

On our way up to the Festival I was filling Libbi in on everything she needed to know.  There would be lots of games and prizes....there would be spiritwear (really CUTE spiritwear)....there would be face painting and bouncy things.....there would even be a concession stand, but I told her over and over that I did NOT bring any money with me, so don't even ask to do any of these things. I could not buy her any tickets no matter how much she begged. We were just there to catch up with friends, smile, and look cute.  She was obviously paying close attention to my little speech.....

Uncle Justin met us there and helped get us across the street and through the crowd to all the games on the baseball field. 

We saw Aunt Mandie and she quickly scooped up Libbi to steal a few sugars....there's just something about those cheeks that just beg to be "sugared!"

Once we were in the midst of all the Fall Fun.....I saw one of my most favorite things....ever

A cake walk.

Who doesn't love a cakewalk???

I remember when I was younger and we used to have our Fall Festival at church.  There would always be a cake walk there.  The best part was that you could "play" as many times as you wanted and even was FREE!!  All you had to do was walk around this little circle until the music stopped and then whatever number you were standing on determined the cake that you easy!  My kind of game, for sure!
I would literally be a walking bakery by the time I left that place.  Who cares about all that dinky Halloween candy....I was in it for the cake!!

Anyway....back to our School Fall Festival.....

Unfortunately I couldn't participate in the Cake Walk, because like I had told Libbi.....I didn't have any money with me to buy a ticket.  So, I just had to drool from the sidelines. 

We did have lots of fun strolling around the fields and seeing friends and family.  Libbi was her usual happy self and just smiled away at anyone and everyone.  Here she is with her future hubby Matthew (don't tell her daddy ;) ) I think they were plotting how to get to those cakes! - haha!! ;)

When it was finally time to go home, we hiked back to our car (with the help of Uncle Justin) and said "Goodbye" to the Cake Walk and the Fall Festival until next year. 



Don't worry.....I was not too disappointed about missing out on my coveted Cake Walk....
Luckily, I got to take something home with me that was even SWEETER than any cake.....

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