Monday, October 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome Monday and all that comes with it!  Believe it or not, my mishaps are few and far between this week (it must be because I didn't leave the house all that much....) But, never fear...I am not perfect and therefore do have a few "Not Me's" to share ;)

Libbi and I did NOT decide to go to the grocery store for only the second time since she was born.

While walking into the store she did NOT sneeze so forcefully that something flew out.  I did NOT use my grocery list (since I had NO diaper bag/kleenex/wipes/germ-x) to wipe the debris off her face and then just fold my list in half so I could continue to read it without gagging.....

I did NOT realize that I was that lady with the snotty nose kid at the grocery store....

I did NOT load my shopping cart up with tons of groceries and even use Libbi's carrier to hold an extra few (she was NOT in her carrier with a loaf of bread and some butter...)  I did NOT have so many groceries because I have NOT been to the store only twice in the past 4 months.....

I did NOT unload all of these groceries at the check-out line and then realize that I had forgotten one item.  I did NOT make a long line of people wait while I ran like a maniac (while pushing my cart with Libbi in it) to go get that one item.

I was NOT unable to find what I was looking for and return to the register with all of my groceries already scanned and bagged in another cart (since I still had Libbi in the first one). The cashier did NOT offer to go find this item for me while the line continued to grow, people began to glare, and I began to sweat. 

I did NOT attempt to remove Libbi from the now empty cart and put her in the full shopping cart to push everything out to my car.  She was NOT stuck.  I did NOT just give up and push out an empty cart (with the exception of my baby) while the attendant followed me out pushing the cart full of groceries.

While she was helping me load up my car....a car alarm did NOT go off.  I did NOT think that it was my alarm and push my alarm button to turn it off.  That did NOT set off my alarm since the one going off already was actually NOT mine.  This sweet precious, lovable high school girl that was helping me did NOT look at me and say, "Your neighbors must love you."

Libbi and I will NOT be returning to the grocery store anytime soon.

Finally, I absolutely, positively do NOT have to go back to work tomorrow.....(sigh) and I would NEVER ask you to please pray that I will have the strength to get through what will be a difficult Tuesday.

Now I am off to go love on my sweet girl.....because our Monday's together are more precious than ever!
Have a great day!!

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