Monday, October 5, 2009

Game Day (according to Libbi...)

This weekend I had my very first "away-game" experience. The Dawgs played at home, but we were "away" for the game!  I have "watched" all the other UGA games at our house, but this weekend my momma and daddy took me on a road trip to watch the game. We got all fancied up in our red and black and got ready to watch the Dawgs take on the LSU Tigers...

I got to wear my super-cute onesie from my momma and daddy's friends Zach and Blair and one of my future BFF'S Lily. How did they know that I just looooove polka-dots?! Good thing there was a little extra room to spare, because I am a growing girl!  I think I may still be carrying a little extra "holiday weight"... 

When we got to our destination I got to meet Baby Avery for the very first time. I had never seen a baby that tiny! My momma and daddy oohed and aaahed all over her, but they gave me lots of lovin' too so I didn't feel left out! My daddy proved that he is a true "daddy" now, because do you know what he did? As soon as he saw that tiny baby Avery, he asked her momma if he could hold her! And he even went to wash his hands first (without being asked!) You would have never guessed that he hadn't held any other babies before me! He is like an old pro now ;)

My momma and daddy thought it was so funny that Avery made me look like the "big kid." I think it made my momma just a little bit sad to know that I am growing so fast. I can't help it that I like to eat!

I try to remind her all the time that fat babies are happy babies - (ha!)
Most of the pictures that my momma took of Baby Avery show her sleeping....most of the pictures that my momma took of me show me eating!

Here's Avery sleeping

Here I am eating

Here's Avery sleeping

Here I am eating

Avery sleeping again

Me eating...again! (Please keep in mind that this picture was taken at an unflattering angle and the cut of my outfit really accentuates my rolls...otherwise I would have looked just as slender as Avery...maybe)

We tried to take a family picture, but "Uncle Kyle" thought he was a professional photographer and could get some shots with creative angles...they didn't quite turn out. Thanks for trying, Kyle! ;)

I got to meet my "Uncle Brian" for the first time and his nice girlfriend Allie...I think they make a pretty good couple! Maybe one day me and Avery will get to play with their baby??? ;)

I was not sad that the Dawgs lost even though everyone else was. I was just happy that I got to meet all my momma and daddy's friends and Baby Avery. Oh yeah, there was even a dog there named Rusty...and he was nice! I wasn't even afraid (and neither was my momma!) Here are a few more pictures from our fun Saturday with friends....

Momma says I'm her little hushpuppy!!

I'm not sure why they kept taking pictures of our legs....and I was really confused when daddy said something about "chicken legs" and "ham hocks"...

Tell the truth....does that tiny baby make me look fat?

I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a bite out of her....??

It's okay Avery, you can go to sleep.  You don't have to worry about me rolling over on you...I'm strapped in this thing

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