Monday, October 19, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday...

Good Monday Morning!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I know we was full of fun and lots of "Not Me's!" Please feel free to admit your own....maybe then I'll feel like I'm NOT the only one these things happen to! ;)

I did NOT forget that I have a "peanut free" classroom and bring a pack of peanut butter crackers and a peanut butter sandwich as my lunch on my first day back at school.  I did NOT have to take my lunch back home with me....

I do NOT have to sit "criss-cross-applesauce" on the bathroom floor to pump while at school.  I do NOT line this bathroom floor with toilet paper to try and make it just a little bit more sanitary.  Two different people did NOT knock on the door while I was in there last week (helllooooo....did they NOT see the cord from my pump plugged into the outlet let alone hear the rythmic sound of the machine?!!) I did NOT have to say, "someone's in here!" twice in the span of seven minutes.

If someone were to open the mini-fridge in my classroom, they would NOT find THE MOST RANDOM items ever to be placed in a classroom refrigerator.  These items would NOT include two bottles of breastmilk, a container of queso, a chocolate pie, three yogurts, a capri-sun, and some pasta salad.

I did NOT go down to Libbi's "classroom" to nurse my sweet girl during lunch time and realize after we were finished that I had NOT been sitting in front of the video monitors the entire time...and did I mention that I did NOT forget my nursing cover that day!??

This same sweet baby did NOT refuse to take a bottle of expressed milk while we were at a wedding this weekend.  I am NOT putting this picture of me attempting to feed her this bottle (which she did NOT refuse...) on here only because I was NOT having a great hair day!

I did NOT have to take her into a handicapped bathroom and sit on the toilet (thank God it had a lid!!) to try to nurse her.  She did NOT make this as difficult as humanly possible.  I did NOT have to shush her five thousand times because she was NOT scared out of her mind every time someone would flush a toilet in the stall next to us....

I did NOT just leave the bottle of milk on the table with the rest of the drinks.

Finally, I did NOT type this on Sunday night and schedule it to post on Monday morning ;)
Happy Monday!

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