Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Wedding...

Libbi went to her first wedding this weekend...well, technically her second....I was pregnant with her at cousin Cain's wedding back in April, but this was her first wedding since she has been born! Cousin Drew married Audrey on Saturday night in a beautiful ceremony that we were blessed to attend! (You may remember Audrey from the shower we threw for her). Unfortunately Libbi spent the majority of the ceremony out in the foyer with Daddy....

It all started out just fine...she was sleeping in the car and the entire walk up to the church....

....we even saw Drew and Uncle Steve and got a pre-wedding picture (Libbi kept on snoozin')

....we thought we just might make it through the ceremony with a sleeping, peaceful, quiet baby.

As soon as the music began, so did our little "singer" so Daddy had to escort one of his lovely dates out into the foyer and enjoy the remainder (or rather, the entire) ceremony from there.  (Honestly, I don't think he minded too much, because he got to keep up with the FL vs AR score in the meantime....)

The ceremony was beautiful and filled with love!  Drew's sister Mallory was the Maid of Honor and his brother Cain was the Best Man....isn't that just the sweetest thing?!  It makes me tear up every time I think about it!

Before heading out to the reception, we took our usual family photo with the two of us smiling and Libbi in some sort of trance.... 

Once we got to the reception we enjoyed lots of good food, good cake, and good fellowship.  Libbi was a little hesitant about all the noise, but once we put the streamer in her hand she was good to go!

We got to see Uncle Justin and Aunt Mandie

Uncle Justin got a little carried away with the streamer....

Aunt Mandie was really wanting to cut a rug out on the dance floor, but Uncle Justin was trying to pretend that he didn't notice....

The beautiful bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!!  I loved Audrey's just made me want to get married all over again!

The cakes!!



Cousin Stephanie and Kendal

MawMaw (aka Angela Landsbury)

We were so excited to be able to share in this special day with Drew and Audrey and we pray the Lord's continued blessings over their new marriage!!

"...and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one"
Mark 10:8

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