Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opposites Attract...

I saw this cute Q & A post over on Heather's blog, so I decided to try it myself!  I always love reading stuff like this (probably because I am so into knowing everyone else's business - ha!) but I love writing them, too!  So here is our "Opposites Attract Q & A." I hope you enjoy learning more about us!  Let me know if you post your own Opposites Attract Q & A...I would love to read it! ;)  And a small *Disclaimer*....please no comments on how "slim, trim, and young we USED to look"....believe me, we are well aware of how the years have changed us ;0)

1. What are your middle names?
Jeffrey's is Carl and mine was Elizabeth, but I guess it's now been legally changed....I dropped my middle name for my maiden name.

2. How long have you been together?
11 years or so....

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
....a while.  He was best friends with my brother =)

4. Who asked who out?
He asked me out....when my brother went out of town ;0)

5. How old are each of you?
He's 29 and I am 27

6. Did you go to the same school?
We did go to the same high school, but graduated at different times.  He graduated from high school in 1998 and I graduated in 2000.....

7. Are you from the same home town?
Basically....we lived in different cities, but they were within 5-10 miles of each other.

8. Who is the smartest?
Jeffrey likes to say that he is way more "street smart" than I am, but I don't like that term, because I think it makes him sound like a gangster or something.  I do have to admit that he is way smarter when it comes to everyday type stuff.....directions, anything technical, paying bills, etc. And he is super smart when it comes to anything dealing with numbers....he can add/subtract/multiply/divide in the blink of an eye....meanwhile I'm still trying to "borrow the 10 and carry the 1" ;-)  I am better when it comes to anything dealing with English/Grammar/Vocabulary, etc.  And, I know it's technically not a measurement of intellectual capabilities, but I must say, I trump him EVERY TIME when it comes to handwriting.  My penmanship is to die for - ha! ;0)

9. Who majored in what?
Jeffrey majored in marketing at Georgia College & State University.  (He likes to say that he majored in "women" but we all know that's not true - ha!) I majored in Early Childhood Education at The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)

10. Who is the most sensitive?
This question is a joke....because it is so obviously ME!  I probably cry at least 2-3 times a day....sappy commercials, sweet TV shows, someone's blog, you name it - it brings tears to my eyes. In Jeffrey's defense he has become MUCH more sensitive since we've had Libbi....must be something that little girls do to their daddies =-)

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
The Cayman Islands for our honeymoon

12. Who has the worst temper?
Jeffrey....hands down.  I don't think I really have a temper...I can pout with the best of 'em, but I don't usually get mad.

13. How many children do you want?
....not sure.  However many The Good Lord blesses us with (obviously we will stop trying before we end up like the Duggars and have 19...)

14. Who does the cooking?
We both do.  I used to do the majority of the cooking, but since having Libbi and going back to work Jeffrey cooks some, too!  He definitely does more of the cleaning (he says I can't wash dishes the right way...apparently I don't have enough "elbow grease" or something...) He can also make a mean bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich on Saturday mornings!

15. Who is more social?
Me!  I love to talk...probably too much sometimes! ;0) Jeffrey is the typical male that can't stand "small talk" or mindless chit-chat. 

16. Who is the neat freak?
He is!  He can't stand that I just like to make "piles" everywhere.  I will stack the laundry (neatly of course) or the mail, or Libbi's toys into neat little piles and it drives him bananas.  If I'm being honest, then I would have to say that neither one of us is really a "neat freak."

17. Who is the most stubborn?
Oh, Absolutely he is!  But....he would probably say that I am.

18. Who wakes up earlier?
Me...mostly because of Libbi.  But even before we had her, I would wake up for work before him.  If there was an award for the person who "snoozes" the most....that would definitely go to Jeffrey!

19. Where was your first date?
We went to the movies to see "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."  It was the summer before I started 9th grade and Jeffrey had just turned 16.  He picked me up in his Dodge Shadow (while my mom was taking pictures through the window because I forbid her to take any of the two of us together) we went to the movies and I was back home before it was even dark out! ;)  Our second date we also went to the movies and we saw Phenomenon.  I remember I literally bawled my eyes out at that movie.  Jeffrey asked me in the middle of it if I needed him to take me home because I was so upset. - ha!  The old lady sitting beside me let me have a few of her tissues from her's that for a great second date?! ;0)

20. Who has the bigger family?
I do.  I have an older brother (and sis-in-law) and a younger sister.  Jeffrey has one brother, one step-brother, and two step-sisters.  Most of my extended family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins) lives within 15-20 miles of each other so we see each other A LOT! ;0)   We used to get together almost every Sunday for lunch at MawMaw's house, but now that we are older and married it is a little we usually just celebrate all major holidays/birthdays together.  Jeffrey and I both have some extended family that live in Texas that we wish we could see more often!

21. Do you get flowers often?
Not usually, but I do get lots of other things.  Jeffrey knows the way to my heart....fresh baked cookies and People Magazines - ha! =0)

22. How do you spend the holidays?
Honestly, the holidays are sometimes a little stressful for us, because there are so many things to do and so many people to see.  We usually see our parents and grandparents, but since having Libbi we are excited to start our own family traditions.  I have BIG holiday plans for our family of three!! ;)

23. Who is more jealous?
Neither one of us are really the jealous type.

24. How long did it take to get serious?
Oh my word...way too long!  We had our first date the summer before I started 9th grade...once school started things cooled off. (He swears that I told him I couldn't date him because my mom didn't want me to start high school with a boyfriend, but I DO NOT recall that conversation ever taking place...) Then we picked things back up a few years later when we went to Prom and after many years of waiting (11 to be exact) we were finally married!

25. Who eats more?
I guess he does when it comes to actual meals... but I definitely have him beat when it comes to the "snack" department.  I have one serious sweet tooth that he just can't compete with.

26. What do you do for a living?
I am a kindergarten teacher and Jeffrey is an underwriter for an aviation insurance company.

27. Who does the laundry?
We both do...although I have to admit that since Libbi was born, Jeffrey has majorly picked up the slack in this department.

28. Who's better with the computer?
Oh my goodness, he is!! Blogging and checking my email (and the *occasional* online purchase) is about as computer savvy as I get. 

29. Who drives when you are together?
He does, but I make sure to offer out my helpful (and always appreciated) observations and suggestions.

30. What is your song?
We don't really have one. We danced to the song "All My Life" (by K-Ci & JoJo) at his senior Prom, but I don't know if I would call it our song??? ;0)

Hope you enjoyed learning more about us...I had a great time answering these questions - it was fun to reminisce.
Have a great weekend!
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