Monday, November 30, 2009

And We Have a Roller...

That's right....

this girl is a rollin' fool.

Did I mention she rolls best when naked unrestrained?!

Yep.  A diaper clad rolling wonder is she.

Everything suddenly "clicked" and now every time I lie her down on her back...lo and behold....two seconds later she's on her tummy. every. single. time.

Oh yeah, did I mention that she's not quite as skilled at rolling back over?

Not so much....

so she rolls to her tummy, grunts like a mad pig until she can get her arm out from underneath her, looks around to make sure someone notices she is now on her tummy, kicks around for about 2 minutes, then screams until we flip her onto her back again.

Then repeats steps 1 - 5.


and again....

and again!

What's next for this growing girl?  possibly some clothes....or at the very least a supportive undergarment?!  ha ha ha;0)

We are so proud of you our Rolly Girl!

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