Monday, November 30, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday...

Due to the holidays (and my laziness) I took last week off from "Not Me!" Monday....don't worry, I really just took the week off from SHARING them, but I still experienced plenty of "Not Me!" get ready for this week's "Not Me'!" Monday (double whammy style)

I am NOT going to have to give in and sign up for online bill pay.  I am probably NOT the only person in this day and age who still writes checks for all her bills and mails them in at the end of the month.  I am NOT switching to online bill pay because I surely have NOT messed up our water bill for the past two months and I absolutely did NOT just outright forget to pay my car payment (until they so graciously called to remind me!).....

I did NOT go to the hospital to wait with my mom while my dad was in surgery.  She did NOT give me directions on how to get to the waiting room once exiting the elevator.  I did NOT forgo the elevator and take the stairs because I am surely NOT too chicken to ride the elevator by myself.  I did NOT use the excuse of "getting my exercise" when people asked me why I took the stairs.

Once exiting the stairwell, I did NOT proceed into a room that I THOUGHT was the waiting room.  I did NOT sit in this room for the next 30 minutes.  I did NOT send my mom many texts asking her, "where are you?!" or "I'm here...why aren't you?!"  I did NOT meet a really nice girl that was about to have a baby and discuss sleeping habits with her for a good amount of time.  I did NOT wait until she was called back by the nurse to venture over to the receptionist and ask her if I was, in fact, in the "waiting room."  She did NOT proceed to tell me that I was actually in the "surgical interview room" and the waiting room was two doors down.  I did NOT walk out and immediately see my mom (and Aunt, MawMaw, family friends, pastor, etc) exactly where she said she would be....

I did NOT stand up Libbi (who by the way looooves to stand up now....with help, of course) while she was naked and let her do a little dance.  We did NOT have a good laugh over all of her many, many rolls.  She did NOT proceed to "tee-tee" everywhere as payback for laughing at her.

My sweet MawMaw did NOT buy Libbi a stuffed cat (instead of a dog) because she, "knows how I feel about dogs...." =0)

I did NOT volunteer to bring green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and a dessert to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad's.  I did NOT get so side-tracked that I completely forgot until that morning.  I did NOT show up with just a box of instant mashed potatoes, nope, NOT ME!

And finally, I did NOT write this entire post without including any pictures.  It was NOT because I wrote it on Sunday night and post-dated it to publish on Monday morning and blogger was NOT cooperating when I tried to upload pictures, so I did NOT just give up and publish it anyway.

Happy Monday!
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