Monday, November 2, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Can you beleive it is already November!!??  Time flies when you're having fun....doesn't it?! ;0) I have been busy with taking care of Libbi, celebrating the arrival of Fall, and so much more....but do you want to know what I have "not" been doing??? Read on to find out.....and feel free to leave your own "Not Me's" in your comment.....that way I won't feel like I'm the ONLY one these things do NOT happen to - ha! =0)

I absolutely did NOT have my class line up in the hallway and play "the quiet game" while I was in the bathroom thawing a frozen bag of breastmilk so I could make a bottle for Libbi.  I did NOT enter into the bathroom with this frozen treat and then magically reappear with a bottle....not to mention that NOT one single kid even asked where this bottle came from or why I was carrying it!

Speaking of bottles....I did NOT forget to take Libbi's bottle for the day down to her class one morning last week.  I did NOT freak out thinking something was wrong when her teacher brought her down to my classroom at 10:45 in the morning....only to be reminded that it was time for her to eat.....but there was NOTHING for her to eat, because I had forgotten to leave her bottle....

I did NOT buy a pumpkin for my classroom.  I did NOT have 16 five-year-olds vote on the type of face we wanted to carve on this pumpkin.....and then run out of time to carve it.  I am NOT so cheap that I took this "school pumpkin" back home to carve with our family so I would NOT have to buy another.  (In case you were wondering, the kids did NOT vote on circle eyes, a triangle nose, and a "dog mouth"....whatever that is....I am NOT immensely relieved that I did not have to carve this)!

My sweet husband did NOT ask me if the purpose of a "smash cake" at a child's first birthday was to smash their face in it....."isn't that why it's called a smash cake?!" *sigh*.....I do NOT wish that I had just made that up.

When getting dressed each morning, I do NOT have to consider what I can and cannot discreetly get out of in order to nurse Libbi at school.  I did NOT forget about this one morning last week and wear a dress....I did NOT have to nurse her while sitting on a blanket, in a corner of the teacher's restroom because I surely did NOT have on a dress that had to be COMPLETELY REMOVED in order to feed my sweet child...

Finally, even though it is only the first Monday in November, I surely did NOT tell Jeffrey that he has until this weekend to get all of our Christmas decorations out of the attic, because I am positively NOT planning on setting a new neighborhood record with how early they are going up! Woo-hoo!!

Happy Monday!!

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