Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Yesterday was Jeffrey's 30th birthday!  We went out over the weekend to celebrate so last night we just hung out at home.  Since it was such a special day, Libbi and I each gave Jeffrey a trip for his birthday.  He went to Hilton Head last weekend to golf with some of his buddies.  (That was Libbi's gift!) :) And then I gave him a little poem to surprise him with his other trip:

A Birthday Poem
To celebrate the big three-o
We’re taking a trip, but where will we go?

To commemorate the day you were born,
We’ll fly out early one September morn.

Friday night will bring dinner for two,
But come Saturday, oh what will we do?

We’ll wake up early and start our day
Making sure to wear our scarlet and gray.

Why, you ask, will we wear scarlet and gray?
Because we’re going to watch the Buckeyes play!

We’ll cheer on Ohio State as the play Eastern Michigan
(Aren’t you glad you married a college football fan?)

After watching Jim Tressel coach in his good-looking vest,
We’ll have dinner, dessert, and then get our rest.

We’ll pack up on Sunday as our flight home approaches
Reminiscing about one of football’s “best dressed coaches”

This weekend was planned with love, it’s true!
But don’t forget….in three years, I’ll turn 30, too!

Jeffrey loves college football and has a goal of seeing all of the "big" college teams play in their home stadiums.  He has seen all of the SEC teams, so now we are starting with the Big-10.  So it's a birthday trip, but not until September... I figure I will need the next 6 months to prepare for leaving Libbi for the weekend - ha! :)

The Lord blessed me when he put Jeffrey in my life!  Who would have thought that we would go from this....

to this....

We love you! are the BEST daddy and the BEST husband

and the BEST-looking thirty year old I know!! ;0) 

29 was a pretty good year....

I can't wait to see what "30" will bring!!

Happy Birthday from your two best girls!!

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