Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Vaca...and "Mommy and Me"

Last week we went on a family vaca!  It was the FIRST time just the three of us have been out of town together.  We took Libbi to the beach last September but we went with my parents, too....what a difference it makes to have a few extra helping hands! 

We really enjoyed our family time together.  Libbi did not get the "we-sleep-in-on-vacation" memo, BUT....she did fit in perfectly with our vacation style of doing absolutely NOTHING!

We rested, enjoyed riding in the golf cart, went out to eat, and Libbi had lots of new things to explore (side note....we moved the coffee table from the living room at the beach house into one of the guest rooms AND blocked off a book shelf with chairs - ha!)  SheLibbi really enjoyed banging on the glass door at all the golfers passing by....I'm sure they loved that, too!
Two newfound things that Libbi l-o-v-e-s....1) 'nilla wafers and 2) oreos (she is a girl after my own heart!) Mind you, this is after WEEKS and I mean WEEKS of attempting all kinds of "table food."  Sweet girl would have NONE of it...nothing!  But, give her a cookie and she is good to go! :) Just so you know, I was not feeding her a diet of cookies....she had a couple of 'nilla wafers each day as "dessert" and then had a taste of an oreo (and pitched a royal fit when I wouldn't let her have more!)

Two newfound things that Libbi does NOT l-o-v-e....1) sand AND 2) grass...not such a good thing when we're at the beach.  Needless to say, my pasty body is just as pale as it was the day we left (maybe more so).  Oh, how beach vacations change with a baby!  I was not totally naive and did not think that I would get to spend hours laying out, reading a magazine, getting a perfect tan, BUT I did hope for a teeny bit of color on my otherwise ghostly the very least a tan line or two!

On our first attempt, we put on our bathing suits, lathered up in sunscreen, loaded up the golf cart and headed out to the pool. 

We planned on setting up right by the heated pool so that Libbi could enjoy splashing in the warm "bathwater" until she was all pruny and we had to drag her out kicking and screaming and force her to go inside and eat lunch.  Imagine our surprise when we unloaded everything (which was no easy feat) and saw THE SIGN by the pool.  It read "Accidents Happen....and we must close the pool for 48 hours."  Niiiiice.  Apparently someone left something resembling a small candy bar in the pool.  Only it wasn't a candy bar and the pool wasn't open for the next two days.  So much for that.

We attempted the "baby pool" but again, not happenin'.  It was like a giant ice-cube.  I couldn't even stand to stick my toes in it, let alone dip my belly-baring baby in it!  The picture below pretty much sums up how Libbi felt about the pool....
Who knew that our 10 minute adventure at the pool would wear her out?!
Day Two, we had the bright idea of heading out to the beach.  Surely, Libbi would love the sand!  She would probably enjoy crawling around and then take a short break to sit in the shade and possibly nap while Jeffrey and I relaxed by her side - ha!

She hated the sand!  She would not even put her feet down in it.  Every time we sat her down or tried to put her down on the sand she would lift her legs up and tuck her knees up under chin so that her feet would not touch the ground. 

However, once we loaded EVERYTHING up and headed back to the house, then she decided she would "lay out"....
Couldn't you just take a bite out of these legs?!?!
We finally figured out that Libbi was happiest when we were INSIDE - ha!  She loved getting all dolled up to go out to eat.  Even more so, she loved being out and about...she is SUCH a people watcher ;0) She really loved when her Daddy would chauffeur her around in "the limo!"

I am choosing to believe that "if at first you don't succeed...try, try, again!" So in the spirit of trying again, we've decided that we will definitely attempt this trip again next year!  ;0)
And when y'all see me looking as pale as a ghost in the dead of summer....don't judge.  Just remember that my baby likes to be inside....and I like to be where she is! ;0)

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