Thursday, May 13, 2010


Supper time is one of my most favorite times with Libbi.  She is hilarious!  Lately she has been so full of personality (even more so than usual) while we are eating supper together.  She sits in between Jeffrey and I at the dining room table and we all eat together.  She totally flirts with her Daddy all through dinner, but she makes sure to share some equal love with me, girl knows where her "bread and butter" comes from - ha!  
I love how she sits in her highchair...such a little lady with her legs crossed. Too cute!
She is usually pretty calm....until the food appears. 
Then we hear LOTS of "mmmmmmmm's" and "mamamamama's." Libbi is not the most patient person when there is food involved.  She can barely make it through the blessing!
Not only does she love to eat, but she also loves to make her "cheese" face while she is eating.  The "cheese" face is probably not high on the "table manners" list, but it is definitely a big hit as far as cuteness is concerned.
Something about it just cracks her up....and us, too!
If we say, "cheeeeeeese" she will make this face like she is really cheesin' it up for the camera - it is too funny!  Looks like we have a little attention seeker on our hands ;0)
But, just in case you were wondering....the "cheese" face can quickly be replaced by the "stink" face in a matter of seconds. 
It's all fun and games until someone learns that she doesn't get dessert! ;0)
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