Monday, May 10, 2010

mommy and me....

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!  Since I basically wrote a book for my Mother's Day post yesterday, I thought I would just post a few pictures today.... ;0)

Here we are before church Sunday morning.  At this point, Libbi is still blissfully unaware of the fact that she is about to go to her idea of torture chamber...aka.... the church nursery.

This week Jeffrey dropped her off by himself, because we thought that might be a little less stressful on all of us, but ummmmm.....not so much.
She's still a hot mess of a crying baby when we pick her up. (And no, this is not a picture of her from the's actually one of her pitching a fit when she didn't get her way, but you get the idea).

After church my mom and dad came over for a Mother's Day visit :)
Libbi loves her Mimzy and Buddy...they can always make her laugh!

A Mother's Day picture of me, my mom, and Libbi Lou.  Please disregard the fact that Libbi is about two seconds away from spitting in this picture.  She may have been a little tired of having her picture made by this point - ha!

I love this picture of Libbi and my mom, because I think Libbi looks like such a big girl in it, but on the other hand, I don't like this picture because Libbi looks like such a big girl in it!
And, oh...those arms!  You better believe that sleeveless shirts are a staple in her summer wardrobe!

And, just for fun...a few of Libbi's current "hobbies"

"Running" when her daddy chases her

Crawling into tiny spaces and laughing when someone has to come "fish" her out.

Perfecting her "stink face"
(here she is giving it to my shoe....what can I say, I just had boot was her own fault for picking it up!)
Here she is giving the "stink face" to a waiter when we were out to eat the other night.  Apparently she wasn't too pleased with the "specials"

Trust me, she is even sweeter than she looks - ha!
Oh, how I love this sweet girl....stink face and all!! :)

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Happy Monday!
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