Sunday, July 25, 2010

13 months...

While we were at the beach, Libbi turned 13 months old (July 22nd)! I didn't have time to post her 13 month update while we were there, so I am just now getting to it, but not too much has changed in the three days since she's been 13 months old :)

What are you up to these days Libbi??

You weigh around 25 pounds and wear a size 4 diaper.  You wear mostly size 18 month clothes (and a few 12 month pieces).  I have bought a few things for the fall already and even some for next summer.  It makes me so sad to buy 24 month or 2T' CAN'T possibly be a two year old next summer!

**I LOVE this picture....this is after a) sunscreen b) swimming and c) napping....your hair was just a little uncooperative :)**

You eat everything that we do, but your favorites are bananas (na-na's), carrots, green beans, black-eye-peas, and yogurt.  I have to say, that you are your momma's have some kind of sweet tooth!  You love donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and especially chick-fil-a milkshakes (well, really ANYTHING from chick-fil-a - ha!) but all in moderation, of course ;0)

Your current hobbies include: 

*Talking on the phone.  Forget those toy phones, you can't be fooled!  You want the real thing.  Mimzy gave you an old cell phone and it satisfies you for a little while, but you seem to know that it is not in working condition and you'd much rather have Daddy's Blackberry.  You have the phone-to-ear-head-tilt-to-shoulder move down pat.  And your favorite person to call is still your Daddy.  You will pick up the phone and say, "hey dad" and then carry on a conversation with him (in your own language....) and it always ends with a wet kiss and a hearty, "BYE!"

*Climbing....on everything!  You climb up on the couches and on top of your toys.  You climb over pillows, books, and boxes.  You try to climb out of the pack-n-play, the bathtub, and over the babygate.  
If Daddy or I sit on the floor you will climb all over us like we are your own personal jungle gym. You still love to climb on your chair, and you have since figured out that it makes a wonderful stepping stool to help you get things that are out of your reach.
You especially love things that you can climb in AND out of - like your rocking chair, your oversized chair, and your swimming pool.  
The day that NaNa K brought you a baby pool, it started storming outside so we couldn't use it.  I decided to blow it up anyway and just put it in the living room (without water, of course!) You love it!  You climb in and out at least 500 times a day.  You eat your snack in it, read books in it, and just lounge around and relax - ha!

*Giving sugars.  You love to give out those wet kisses!  Anything and Anyone is fair game.  Sometimes we have to tell you to, "Get a Room!" because you get a little carried away with passing out those sugars to your baby dolls.  hahaha! ;0)  Along with your wet kiss comes the accompanying "mmmmmmWHA!" every.single.time.
There is nothing sweeter than your sugars and Daddy and I love when you love on us.  

*Dogs....*sigh* ;0)
Don't ask me where this fascination comes from seeing as we do not (and will not ever)  have a dog.... but, at this point in time, every four legged animal is a "DOG!" You love to point out dogs and make sure we see them.  You have two stuffed dogs that you love to carry around with you (one of them was a gift from a baby shower and the other came from a sweet little boy from my Kindergarten class last year, Thanks Zachary!) I am hoping that this is just a phase! ;0)  You love seeing dogs on TV and even the stuffed dogs, but if you see one in real life....forget it!  Uncle Justin and Annie Mannie have a dog and you don't want it ANYWHERE near you. 

*Babies.  You loooooove babies and you have perfected your "baby voice."  It is seriously THE cutest thing!  Whenever you see a baby, you get this realllly high, tiny little voice and say, "heeeeeeeey baaaaa-eeeeee."  It just melts our hearts every time.  You love to carry around your baby dolls and push them in the stroller.  You will pick them up and pat them on the back then lay them down to go "nigh-nigh."  Your babies are also the recipients of many, many sugars.  But just like your fascination with dogs, you seem to only have an affinity for pretend babies.  If you see a real baby, you don't want it ANYWHERE near you (or me, or Daddy, or your toys....)

in this particular picture, you're using Daddy's (clean) socks as your "baby"....

*Going "bye-bye."  You pick up your purse (or any bag that happens to be within reach...or anything that even has a handle for that matter) and sling it over your shoulder as you call out, "byyyyyyye" and then you head towards the door!  You try so hard to get your shoes on your feet and then immediately look for your purse so you can go "bye-bye."  So cute!  But, what's not so cute is your reaction when you figure out that you're not really going "bye-bye" ;)

Trying to carry your diaper bag out the door...
packing up your purse....
and heading out the door!

Libbi Jane, you are growing up before our eyes!  I cannot believe how much you are changing each and every day!  I am so thankful that I get to watch you grow and experience new things for the first time - you fill my heart with love and laughter!  
We love you, sweet girl!! Happy 13 months! month old

Libbi....13 months old

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