Saturday, July 24, 2010 four

On our last day at the beach, our alarm clock Libbi woke us up early, so we decided to go to the Donut Hole for breakfast.  I am a lover of all things is my favorite meal of the day!  We had heard great things about this restaurant, so we wanted to try it out for ourselves.  

Let me tell did NOT disappoint.  After debating on what to order....
I decided on pancakes, Jeffrey had bacon, eggs, and biscuits, and Libbi went with a glazed donut (and sampled some of everything off our plates....these days she thinks she's entitled to everything on our plates....or forks....or spoons....or even in our cups for that matter!)
After paying for our meal and getting some donuts for the road, we were on our way back.  About 15 minutes into our drive, Jeffrey remembered that he had not tipped our waitress.  He felt so bad because she was really sweet (and a new mom, too) so we turned around and went back so he could pay her the tip that she deserved.  He's such a sweet thang! ;0)
We stuck with our tried and true routine of Libbi napping, me tanning, and Jeffrey snacking (hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - right?!) but not before Libbi completed her important tasks of the day, which included....

playing with a measuring cup...

making and/or accepting urgent phone calls....

and eating some 'nilla wafers.

When Libbi woke up from her nap, we took her out for one last hurrah.  She was okay until she tried to swipe my water bottle and fell; landing herself right smack in the middle of the sand.  She had a conniption right then and there.  

She did NOT like having sand anywhere on her.  She wanted to sit in my lap to get away from it, but she didn't realize that when she climbed up on me, she also brought the sand with her :)  She was not a happy camper, so she and I went to hit the showers and call it a day.  

Once we got ready for dinner, we loaded up and headed for Pier Park again.  This time we went to Guy Harvey's.  Despite the excitement she felt looking over the menu, she didn't really eat much of anything.  

She was not acting like herself, but we thought maybe she was just really tired from all the day's activities.  After dinner we walked down to the beach to get a few pictures, but it was kind of difficult when Libbi was a) super tired and b) hating the sand.  We managed to get a few before she had a complete meltdown....

this is right before she fell and the drama began.
please, get me NOW!!!
and the meltdown begins....
....just call her D.O.N.E

When we went back in, I thought that she felt a little warm, so I took her temperature, and sure enough, she had a fever! :(   She went to bed (and of course didn't sleep A neither did I...we had a girls only slumber party in her room where we stayed up all night talking and watching movies....minus the makeovers and pillow fights).
**side note  I really think it is probably her ears, because she has acted fine otherwise (no cough, runny nose, upset tummy or anything like that) but I have noticed her pulling at her ears every so often.**  

She still had a fever when we left this morning, so we stopped to get her some medicine on the way home (which is NOT an easy thing to do with the Tylenol recall!) She did GREAT on the ride home and is now asleep in her own bed.  Hopefully she will feel better when she wakes up in the morning, but I am sure we will be making another trip on Monday..... only this time it will be a trip to the Doctor!  

Lesson of the day:
Vacation is great, but there's no place like HOME! ;0)

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