Friday, July 23, 2010 three

Day three of vacation was a reallllllly relaxing day.  Libbi decided she wasn't really up for getting her "sun" on today,

so she just stayed in and 

ate lots of snacks....

worked off all those snacks by walking laps around the house....

changed the channel over and over....

and spent some good quality time with Daddy....

We got ready to go out to dinner to a fun place called "The Red Bar."  
It was really good, but really hot in there!  Libbi made it through most of dinner, but I ended up taking her out a little early because she was getting antsy.  It was already a tight squeeze in the restaurant and super hot inside.... then when she starts getting upset it just makes it seem that much smaller and that much hotter, so really the best thing to do it just make a quick exit ;0)

Libbi and I walked across the street to a gift shop called the "zoo gallery."  Libbi was pretty much in heaven since there were stuffed dogs everywhere.  She walked around the entire shop saying, "dog" over and over.  

After we left, we stopped at a cupcake stand (Why don't we have these by my house?!?!?) and bought cupcakes for dessert.  We got one chocolate with pink icing, one vanilla with pink icing, and one key lime cupcake.  

We took our cupcakes home and let Libbi snack on one before bed.  She enjoyed a little of it, but was more concerned with the texture than the taste.  After her cupcake, she wore herself out walking all around the balcony and entertaining us.

Lesson of the day:
our child has LOTS of cute clothes, but she loves to be nekid :)

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