Saturday, July 17, 2010

"octo meme"

I have been in a bit of a "blogging slump" lately...hopefully I'll break out of my "funk" soon, especially since we're about to go to the beach and we'll have LOTS of super cute pictures (hopefully!) and LOTS of fun stories to share (yay!)  I was looking through some old videos on our flip cam today and found some of Libbi that I just couldn't resist posting! 
This is when she was about 6-7 weeks old....and it's quite possibly some of the first instances of the "stink face" caught on tape.

I remember when we filmed this next clip.  She used to chow down on her stuffed cow and we thought it was hilarious!  She would act like she hadn't eaten in weeks and try to devour this poor cow.  It still makes me laugh to see it.

Finally, a short clip from her birthday party.  I had to put some music with this one, because my voice was driving me nuts and you could hear me singing "happy birthday" reaalllllly loudly! ;0)

And to wrap things up, my new blogging friend Sarah Denley tagged me in this fun survey!  (btw, dontcha just love her name?  And she has a cute as pie little girl who ALSO has a double name - love it!)

Now, onto the "Octo Meme Survey"

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1.  Christmas :)  I love Christmas...I'm always looking forward to it!  Decorating our house, putting up the tree, wrapping presents, singing Christmas Carols - love it!  And I think this year will be so much fun since Libbi will be more aware of what's going on.
2.  Our trip to Ohio in September
3.  Our beach trip next week
4.  The new Bible Study we are going to start (can't wait, girls!!)
5.  Fall....let's be honest here....I DESPISE these awful temperatures we've been having lately.  I hate to be hot, I hate to sweat, I hate my summer wardrobe (and as Jeffrey would then tell me, "I hate people who hate" - ha!) I just love Fall - the weather, the cute clothes, Football season!
6. learning to use my sewing/embroidery machine
7.  The new seasons of all my favorite shows (see point #4)
8.  Jeffrey coming home from work tonight - my favorite part of the day is when he comes home and we all sit down to eat supper together in the dining room.

8 Things I did Yesterday...(y'all are gonna think i am super cool when you read this)
1.  Went to a puppet show at the public library with was fun!
2.  Made pancakes for breakfast
3.  Read some blogs
4.  Mopped the floors
5.  Cooked supper...(chicken enchilada ring...mmmm!)
7.  Washed clothes.
8.  Took my sewing machine out of the box and watched the tutorial that came with it.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1.  Sew (ha! are you seeing a pattern here?  I am going to a class on sunday, so hopefully I can cross this off my list soon!)
2.  Fly to the beach instead of drive.
3.  Redecorate my house
4.  Drive somewhere (anywhere!) without getting lost
5.  Take great photographs....I am the worst "picture-taker" ever!  I cut off people's heads, cover the flash, leave the picture unfocused, etc.
6.  Stay home alone....but I'm too chicken :)
7.  Write a book
8.  Quit eating so much chick-fil-a.....maybe :)  

8 Shows I Enjoy...(I am really laying it all out there on this one...don't judge - ha!)
1.  Law & Order: SVU (even though I always forget and call it "SUV" and even though it totally stresses me out to watch it!)
2.  CSI...we used to watch all of them (NY, Miami, and Vegas) but since Gil left Vegas it's just not the same, so it has been dropped from our CSI rotation.  Jeffrey likes Miami best, but I'm more of a NY fan.
3.  The Office....Michael Scott.  enough said.
4.  The Good of the BEST new shows - we never miss it!
5.  Toddlers & Tiaras...I know, I know, but remember...I said "don't judge."  When I heard the mother of one of those little girls say, "we are gonna work on her spray tan, her flipper, and her pageants for right now...we'll worry about school later" I was totally hooked.  You had me at "spray tan."
6.  The Real Housewives....of anything (Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Orange County) but I prefer New Jersey...or maybe Atlanta.  I did see NeNe at the mall once and Lisa at Chili's...actually Jeffrey recognized NeNe before I did - hahaha!  I just can't help myself, I love to watch those shows!  
7.  Project Runway.  Make it work designers, make it work!
8.  Modern Family.  We die laughing at this show every week.  If you haven't seen it - you must!  It is hilarious! :)
I was supposed to "Tag" 8 people, but I never know who likes to do these things and who doesn' if you read this and want to do it, consider yourself "Tagged" and make sure you let me know so I can read your post! ;)
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