Tuesday, July 20, 2010

va-cay....day one

we have made it through our first day of vacation - and lived to tell about it! :)
we left yesterday around 6:30pm, hoping that libbi would sleep the whole way down if we were driving at night. hahahaha - what were we THINKING?!?!?
all i can say is thank GOD for portable dvd players and praise baby - they literally saved our lives!  at one point about 2 hours into the 6 hour drive, libbi was screaming in the backseat, i was craning to try to reach her cup that she had thrown under the passenger seat, it was pouring down rain, and we were stuck behind a truck carrying chickens that smelt like pure garbage....that about sums up the adventure that was "beach ascension 2010." we just had to  laugh, because it seriously felt like we were in some kind of crazy movie or something!

we arrived at our destination around 12:30am and i had all intentions of putting libbi right to bed, but apparently she felt differently.  she finally decided to call it a night around 2am and surprise, surprise, she felt well rested and ready to start her day at the first sign of light....somewhere around the 5 o'clock hour. 
after breakfast, we decided to head on out to the beach hoping that we could get in some quality beach time before lunch and nap time. again...WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? of course, libbi had her own plans :)  baby girl is not quite ready to play in the sand.  in fact, quite the opposite.  she did not want a single grain of sand to touch her body.  jeffrey had to fill up the sand bucket with water so she could dip her hands in it to wash them off anytime she got sand on her.  needless to say, about 15 minutes after we came out, we were on our way back in.

libbi enjoyed having free reign of the house and of course all the attention on her :)  after i made her some lunch, she went down for a nap.  i was able to do what i do best - lay out and read a book (thanks chrissy for the new emily giffin book!!) and jeffrey was able to do what he does best - relax on the couch and eat some snacks ;0)

after a nap and a snack, we got ready to go out to dinner.  we were prepared for the worst....taking a BUSY 13 month old out to eat is not exactly a dream come true these days.  BUT, libbi totally proved us wrong!  
in fact, she fell asleep in the car and slept through most of dinner!  we were actually able to have adult conversation!! when libbi woke up, she decided to try her idea of "fresh fish" ;0)
after we ate, we shopped around a little and walked through pier park.  i am sad to say, that libbi's newest obsession is....wait for it.....get ready.....DOGS!!!  
  we went in the cutest little boutique full of precious smocked dresses and all libbi wanted to do was check out the stuffed dogs that were all over the shop. 
who is this child??? she is her momma's daughter, though, because she only likes the dogs on TV or stuffed ones.  give her a real dog and she is outta there - ha!
let's just hope that her new love of four legged animals is a quick affair. (and just in case it's a life long romance....thank goodness her daddy is allergic!)

libbi looked cute as can be in her little sea-life smocked dress and pigtails!  we were walking around and i noticed that i put her shoes on the wrong feet - oops!  
even though she looked as cute as pie, it was so hot, that we stripped her down for the ride home - it gets stuffy in the back seat! ;0)
right now she's sleeping (let's PRAY it is a good night's sleep for everyone!) and we're just relaxing trying to prepare for day two. 

lesson of the day:
we plan....

libbi laughs ;0)

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