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30 day blog journal: days 24 & 25 ...

Day 24: Your Town...

Day 25: Your Day In Great Detail....
(*warning: this is probably going to be incredibly boring, so feel free to just skip it.  i've added in some pictures so hopefully you won't fall asleep*)

5:45AM - libbi starts crying and wakes us up.  jeffrey asks me if i want him to go get her, i say "no", turn off the baby monitor, and try to go back to sleep. (i know, mom of the year....) 15 minutes later, i turn the monitor back on, because i think she's gone back to sleep.  it is quiet for all of 2 minutes and then i hear, "heeeeeeeeey" followed by a "dawg!" and then "mamamamamama."  at this point, i know there's no going back.  jeffrey goes and gets libbi out of bed and brings her to our bed in hopes that maybe, just maybe, she'll go back to sleep. (side note - she does not sleep with us, but some mornings when she wakes up at the crack of dawn (i'm talking still dark out, people), i will put her in bed with me out of sheer desperation -  usually to no avail).  jeffrey gets in the shower while i am hoping for another 20 minutes of sleep.....

after about 15 minutes of libbi climbing all over me, throwing her paci everywhere, hiding under the covers, trying to reach the cellphones on the nightstands, changing the settings on the remote, etc. i finally call it quits and we head downstairs for breakfast. i had planned on doing my grocery shopping today (more on that later), so the cupboards are a little bare....not quite mother hubbard, but close enough.  i make libbi and me some cinnamon toast and yogurt for breakfast and we sit down at the table to eat together.  jeffrey leaves for work and we finish up our breakfast.

after breakfast is cleaned up, we go into the den/playroom and libbi plays with her toys for a little bit while i check my email and read a few blogs.  we read some books, watch a dvr'd episode of "sesame street" and then sing a few rounds of "old macdonald" while acting it out with the animal's what dreams are made of y'all.

we have plans to meet my sis-in-law and sweet baby blakeley at 10:45 so i head upstairs to shower.  i usually shower while libbi naps, because it's just easier on both of us, but since we had plans today and my hair was looking really unfortunate, i had to shower this morning.  i put libbi in her bed with some books, dolls, and her phone hoping that they would keep her occupied while i took a shower in record time.  not so much.  about 2 minutes into my shower i heard her chunk the cellphone against the wall, followed by "UH!" (that's her version of "uh-oh") next went the books, then the poor baby doll, and she so generously threw in a tantrum for the grand finale.  i tried to finish up quickly and then went to go get her out of her bed and brought her into the bathroom with me while i put on my make-up and dried my hair.

i close our bedroom door and leave the master bath doors open so she can walk around while i get ready.  she pulls out headbands, completely empties the drawer that she is allowed to play in, plays with her bath toys, throws everything within her reach into the bathtub, cries until i get it all back out of the tub, empties laundry baskets, tries to crawl under the bed, finds a cell phone, watches a little TV, pulls some socks out of jeffrey's sock drawer, finds a pack of gum and two receipts, and finally comes to sit in my lap because she wants me to put some makeup on her, too. ;0) (did i mention this was all in the span of about 15 minutes?!)

once we're both ready, we head to the post office so i can ship a skirt that i sold on ebay (woohoo!) then i load libbi back up and we head to the central office of my old school.  i had filled out some paperwork so i could be a substitute every now and then and we needed to drop it off.  we ran my paperwork by the office, then loaded back up and headed out to meet mandie and blakeley.  

when we got to the mall, we walked around and shopped for a bit.  libbi is usually a pretty good shopper.  she is a MAJOR people watcher, so she likes to be at the mall.  i have to keep a close eye on her, though, because she can get a bad case of "sticky fingers."  when we were in gymboree today, i wasn't paying attention to her and when i looked down, she had pulled five packs of little boy's underwear into the stroller with her! that is one thing we definitely didn't need!! we stopped by chick-fil-a and got a kids meal and fruit cup for libbi's lunch (that girl loves her some chick-fil-a).  we walked and shopped for a couple of hours and then headed home for naptime!

when we got back in the car, i set libbi up with a baby einstein noah's ark dvd.  she doesn't usually watch dvd's in the car, but i wanted to make sure she didn't fall asleep on the way home and i knew if she was watching her dvd she would stay awake.  i hate when she falls asleep in the car so close to naptime and then i have to wake her up to get her out and it disrupts our whole schedule!  anyway, when we got home (she was still awake!) i changed her, read her a book, and put her down for a nap.  

usually when she goes down for her nap, i shower, do my bible study, then do my cleaning/laundry for the day.  if i finish all of that, then i will blog/facebook/nap if i'm lucky! :)  let's just say today was not a "lucky day."  20 minutes after i put her down, she was back up. 20 minutes!!!! i let her cry for a few minutes, thinking she might go back to sleep, but she didn't.  i went upstairs thinking i could rock her and she'd go back down, but she didn't!  after trying rocking, singing, swaying, etc., i was the only one getting sleepy so i gave up and just headed back downstairs.  she was elated!  she played while i collected my coupons/list for the store.  i figured we'd go ahead and grocery shop since she was up and at 'em.  

i loaded libbi up and headed to publix.  upon pulling into the parking lot, i realized that i had forgotten my list and my coupons at home (great!)  i turned around and headed back home.  when we got home, i decided that we could just eat leftovers for supper and that we would grocery shop tomorrow (i usually go in on thursdays anyway to get the publix penny item).  libbi played with her baby, i did two loads of laundry, and we played with her toys for a while.

jeffrey got home from work around 5:30 and he warmed up our supper while i gave libbi some yogurt.  we had leftover chicken from last night that i added some rotel to and we made chicken tacos/nachos.  we all ate supper together and then i cleaned up while jeffrey and libbi spent some time together.  jeffrey had tennis practice tonight, so he had to leave not long after supper. libbi and i played for a little while and then she was ready for bed around 7pm.  she usually stays up a little later (7:30ish) but with her early morning and no nap, i knew she'd fade a little faster tonight.  i took her upstairs, read her a book ("i love you as much") and then put her down in her crib.  she has not made a peep since. :)

now i'm just blogging and waiting on jeffrey to get home from tennis while i watch reruns of the real world.  whew!  when jeffrey gets home, we'll do our bible study, hang out for a little bit and then go to bed!  it's been a busy and exhausting day, but how can i not enjoy every second that i get to spend with this sweet girl!?!!  i wouldn't have it any other way :)

and if you made it through this whole post (because i can assure you that even my own husband won't!) then bless you!! ;0)  
tomorrow's topic is: your week in great detail....yikes!

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