Friday, September 3, 2010

always, sometimes, never

always, sometimes, never....the first edition:

drink too much caffeine
try to be on time
cry when i'm sad
love when jeffrey comes home from work
take liquid medicine since i can't swallow pills
wear socks to bed
prefer a fountain coke over a bottled one
love hearing libbi say, "momma"
wanted to be a mom
enjoy shopping

eat ice cream before bed
cry when i'm happy
stay up too late
try new recipes....and fail.
eat chick-fil-a more than one time a day
have buyer's remorse
arrive at my destination without getting lost
eat cereal for supper (even after i've cooked a meal for the family)
let jeffrey win at "jeopardy" ;0)
nap when libbi naps

stay home alone overnight
wear sandals/flip-flops
drink enough water
sleep without the tv on
like to have my picture made
eat green vegetables
get tired of hearing libbi laugh
eat or drink something past it's expiration date
drink coffee
forget birthdays

what are your always, sometimes, & never's????
*inspired by the uber-creative annalee :)*
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