Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We met Mary and sweet little Sophie this morning for breakfast and a little shopping. Libbi and I got to chick-fil-a early, so I took her out to play on the playground.  She was lovin' it!  Usually when we go to "the christian chicken" there are umpteen million kids there so we don't dare go out to the playground (or we're in our pajamas and just going through the drive-thru - ha!) But since we were the only ones there this morning she had free reign of the place (which I'm sure was just the icing on the cake!)  

She played until I made her go in.  She was basically stalking this man that was trying to eat his breakfast.  Bless his heart, he sat right beside the window of the playground and she plastered herself right smack up against it.  He waved and she said, "hey" and it was first.  He then picked up his newspaper which was our cue to go back to playing....but apparently Libbi didn't get the hint.  You can only wave so many times before it becomes super awkward.  I finally pried her off the window and took her in so the poor man could eat in peace.

After a little bit of shopping with the girls, we headed home for lunch and a nap.  

Mandie and cousin Blakeley came over during naptime which was nice for so many reasons!  1. I got to hold Blakeley without any jealous little hands trying to knock her out of my lap....2.  Mandie and I got to catch up without any interruptions.....and 3.  The "bug man" came to do our annual termite inspection while they were over. I hate being home alone for stuff like that so I was so thankful that Mandie was there. 
We tried to take a few pictures of the girls together when Libbi woke up from her nap.

Blakeley was SUPER cooperative....

Libbi....not so much.

We played for a while after Mandie and Blakeley left and watched a little bit of Elmo's World (this girl loves her some Elmo!)

Then it was time for supper followed by bath-time!

Libbi's two favorite things about bathtime:
talking to "the baaaaaaby" that joins her in the tub :)

and reading her book (I mean, really...who doesn't like to relax in a warm bath with a good book?) ;0)

Jeffrey had tennis practice tonight so we were on our own for supper and bedtime.  I'm so glad that he likes playing and is able to do something he enjoys, but we miss having him home with us on the nights he's gone!  
Libbi found a new hiding spot tonight - she is one busy, busy girl.  

What a mess!  

Now that she's in bed, and Jeffrey's at tennis I can catch up on all my DVR'd "documentaries" (aka Real Housewives and Teen Mom! - ha!) 
Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! ;0)

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