Wednesday, September 29, 2010


wanna know why our carseat looks like this???

somebody decided to up-chuck all over it this morning.  That's right.  all. over. it....
probably the worst possible place it could have happened (and i'm talking about in her carseat, not the chick-fil-a drive thru that we were in, by the way).
Needless to say, chick-fil-a lost it's appeal VERY quickly.

Believe me, that sound is one you never want to hear.  

I rolled the windows down (gagging the entire way) and prayed I wouldn't get sick.

Luckily, we live about just a few minutes from the chick-fil-a, so were able to make it home in record time.

I called Jeffrey on our way (thank GOD he had taken the day off today....) and if I recall correctly, the first words out of my mouth were, "EMERGENCY! We have an emergency!!"

I explained (through tears and gags) that Libbi had barfed everywhere and that we were going to need some assistance once we got home.  Poor Jeffrey.  Poor, poor Jeffrey.  Unfortunately, he knows me just a little too well and knows that there are times that I might exaggerate *just a tad* so I think he was expecting a little bit of "spit-up" and a lot of my dramatics.  


Our neighbors probably thought we were crazy, because we literally stripped Libbi down in the drive-way and completely took apart her carseat there, too.  I was trying to read the owner's manual (which was attached to the "tarnished" seat - gag!) because I couldn't figure out how to get the dumb cover off, all the while trying not to get sick myself.

They fail to mention what a bear these carseats are to clean.  We had to handwash the cover, all the foam pieces, each strap, the entire base, etc, etc, etc.  I seriously considered just throwing it in the trashcan and buying a new seat.  It was that bad.

Luckily, it didn't seem to phase Libbi one little bit.  She never even shed a tear.  After a bath and a change of clothes, she was as good as new.  I'm guessing it might have just been something she ate that didn't "sit well" with her, because she has been completely fine the rest of today.  She has eaten every meal and had no more "episodes"
(Can't you tell that she is just all tore up about the whole situation?!?) ;0)
Now we have the daunting task of putting her seat back together....luckily, I have my trusty assistant to help!

and, she's got an assistant of her own.... ;0)

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