Tuesday, December 7, 2010

preggo q & a....

I've gotten lots of emails, comments, facebook messages, etc. with some questions about my pregnancy, so I thought I would do a post and try to cover them all...

How far along are you? When are you due?
I will be 17 weeks on Friday. I'm due May 20th. If this baby is born on time, he/she and Libbi will be almost exactly 23 months apart. (Libbi's bday is 6/22).

When did you find out you were pregnant?
I found out super early - just by chance. In September, I was cleaning out our "junk drawer" one night and found a pregnancy test.  Since I was cleaning things out and the next day was "trash day" I thought I would just go ahead and take the test and then throw it out with the trash. Somehow in my mind that seemed like the logical thing to do - ha! :) It was about 9:00 on a Thursday night - September 16th. Jeffrey was running in a nighttime 5K for work and Libbi was asleep, so I was basically all alone.  When I went into the bathroom to collect the test and throw it in the garbage bag, I was totally and completely shocked to see the positive sign. I immediately started freaking out.  I was dying to tell someone, but had no one to tell since Jeffrey was unavailable at the moment.  So.....I tiptoed upstairs and whispered it to Libbi. :)  I was so freaked out that I called my doctor and asked her what I should do, because I thought the next day was Saturday and their office would be closed!  She reminded me that the next day was Friday and that I could just call the office in the morning and make an appointment - ha! :)

How did you tell Jeffrey?
It's really not that interesting. When he comes home from work, he usually looks through the camera to see what pictures of Libbi I have taken throughout the day.  He got home from running the 5K late that Thursday night and I had mixed in two "surprise" pictures that he would see as he was flipping through.  He was surprised and excited! :)

How did you tell your family?
We told my parents by putting Libbi's "big sister" shirt on her.  My mom and dad were over at our house to babysit Libbi while we went out on a date. We let Libbi walk in the room wearing her shirt before we left.  My mom saw it immediately and was so excited.  My dad caught on and joined in the excitement. (Funny story....when I posted the news on the blog, my mom told my dad that I had put up a picture of Libbi wearing her "big sister" shirt.  My dad had no idea what she was talking about.  She reminded him that it was the shirt Libbi wore the night they found out.  He proceeded to tell her that he had no clue she was wearing a big sister shirt - he never even noticed it.  He just got caught up in the excitement and realized we were all talking about me being pregnant.  He then asked my mom if it was a shirt that I had made - ha!) Her shirt came from here.

Doctor's Appointments??
I've actually had quite a few already....We found out a few years ago that my body does not make enough progesterone on it's own, so when I am pregnant, I have to take hormones to supplement this.  Because of this, I cannot wait the typical 6-8 weeks after a positive test before my first doctor visit, I have to go right in so they can immediately start the hormones. I had to go in for bloodwork once a week for the first 4 weeks so they could check my hormone levels and make sure they were increasing as they should.
I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks.  You may remember the carseat debacle that I wrote about.....well, I failed to mention that another reason it was so stressful was that it was also the morning of our first ultrasound!  Jeffrey had taken off work and was going to go with me, but then Libbi puked everywhere right before we left and since I had not told anyone (including our parents) that I was preggo, I had to go to the appt alone :(
Funny enough, when I was pregnant with Libbi, Jeffrey was unexpectedly out of town on the day of my first ultrasound, so I had to go to that one alone, too.  I had one other ultrasound at 14 weeks, because they were having trouble finding the heartbeat on the doppler.  Thankfully, all was okay - the baby was just being a little stubborn that day.

Will you find out the sex?
NO!  If you know me at all, you know this is SO out of character for me.  I cannot believe that I am actually going to wait to find out.  And, I guess no one else can either, because every person we've told says, "yeah right, you'll never be able to do it!" I'm not really offended by their response, because I kind of agree. I'm the person that opens all their gifts before Christmas, flips to the back of the book to read the surprise ending, and wants someone to tell me what happens in movies before I see them. I hate surprises.....but, Jeffrey really wants it to be a surprise, so I agreed.  He said if it is absolutely killing me then we can find out, but I'm pretty certain I'm going to stick to it.

How have you been feeling?
I am FINALLY starting to feel better.  It was rough there for awhile.  I was pretty much sick all day every day for about the first 14 weeks.  I was so tired I thought I would keel over at any minute.  Thank goodness Jeffrey helped me out a TON and never complained or made me feel bad if he came home and we were still in our PJ's and he was on his own for supper.  My mom was also so helpful.  She would come over anytime I felt bad and help out with Libbi. For about 8 weeks or so, NOTHING sounded good to me.  All I wanted to eat was lettuce or apples.  Just the thought of food made me sick.  Thankfully, my appetite has returned and I am not as tired anymore.  It helped when I stopped taking the hormone supplements at 14 weeks, too.  Those really exasperated the tiredness and sickness....

Will you do weekly pregnancy updates?
Not so sure.  I'm not the cute kid of pregnant and I really am not into telling the world how much weight I'm gaining each week - ha! :)  but.....I will probably post little updates each week, so we'll see.

I think that covered all the questions - sorry if I totally bored you!  Thanks again for all of your sweet comments and well wishes!  Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them!  Happy Tuesday, Friends! :0)

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