Friday, January 21, 2011

23 weeks....

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: According to Baby Center, Baby Tippins is "more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango). Blood vessels in his/her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that your baby's increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing him/her for entry into the outside world."  


Total Weight Gain/Loss: As expected, after our "snowpocalypse of 2011" I did gain a little bit of weight.  I guess being stuck inside for a week straight will do that to you ;)  I have gained a total of 3 pounds.  I have to say, I am still in SHOCK over this.  When I was pregnant with Libbi, those numbers on the scale seemed to increase rapidly and constantly.  I keep expecting to wake up one morning and look like the marshmallow man, because I gained A LOT (and I mean A LOT) of weight with Libbi. I am positive that any day now, those pounds are going to show up....but, believe me, I definitely won't miss them if they don't! ;0)

Maternity Clothes: I wear mostly maternity pants/jeans, but a few of my regular shirts/dresses still. I wore my regular jeans today, but they wouldn't button :)  Most of my dresses have turned into long shirts - ha!

Gender: Only the good Lord knows....BUT, I'm still thinking girl as of this week. My girl theory this week is based on the fact that Baby Tippins' heartbeat was a solid 155 again at my appointment on Tuesday and I have two friends that are having baby girls and their heart rates are consistently in the 150's.  The other reason I'm thinking girl is because I still crave goldfish and my sweet blog friend, Karen, said she did too while pregnant with her daughter.....I know, I know, these are some seriously researched scientific theories :)  Feel free to throw your own in there ;0)

Movement: More frequent and more definite.  The movements are starting to feel more like a baby than just little pitter patters - if that makes any sense??

Sleep: non-exsistent. I had horrible insomnia when I was pregnant with Libbi, and it looks like the trend is continuing (BOO!) When I do sleep, I have craaaaaazy dreams.  I know it drives Jeffrey crazy because I watch DVR'd episodes of "Toddler's and Tiaras" and "The Real Housewives...." all hours of the night.  He loves nothing more than waking up to crazy stage mothers and a bunch of women screaming at each other on TV.  I think it's safe to say when I'm pregnant, Jeffrey's sleep suffers, too. 

What I miss: Sleep! caffeine (I still allow myself one can of coke a day (okay sometimes two if it's a REALLY bad day, but that is a considerable drop from the caffeine intake I'm used to), Changing diapers without dry heaving, and being able to carry Libbi upstairs without feeling like I'm going to pass out/hyperventilate. 
Cravings: goldfish crackers.  I keep them on my nightstand and usually have a snack of goldfish around 2am every morning. Milkshakes. Steak.  Bless Jeffrey's heart - he's probably another reason for my weight gain - he's come home with a milkshake or some other special surprise for me almost every day this past week!  What a sweet husband he is!! :)

Symptoms: insomnia, sinus issues, but overall I've felt pretty good this week! :)

Best Moment this week: Going to the doctor, hearing Baby Tippins' heartbeat, and having an overall great appointment!  And, playing the name game.  baby names are seriously one of my hobbies - I love love love baby names!  It's been fun to lie in bed at night and come up with different names.  I have to admit, it's a little stressful, because we have to decide on TWO full names (boy first, middle and girl first, middle) and be prepared to go with either one of them when we leave for the hospital!  I think we have our boy name narrowed down to two (we're just debating on the middle name) and the girl name is still up in the air.  My current favorites are Larsen, Laney, or Lila but Jeffrey is not so convinced....

Finally, two last things:
 I put up a little poll on the sidebar - make a guess if you think Baby Tippins is a boy or a girl!  C'mon, it'll be fun :)

And....I have a new email address.  If you want/need to email me, you can contact me at:
(There is a link on the sidebar, too!)

And since I don't have a picture of me this week, here are a few of Libbi from my phone.  
This is how she likes to watch Elmo in the mornings:
Her new best friend that she found at Macy's ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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