Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ponytail and Q&A....

somebody sported her first "ponytail" recently....
take a good, long look....because you probably won't see it again anytime soon....
even though she looks really, really, REALLY cute....
I think it makes her look WAY too grown up :(
so we'll probably wait awhile before putting this style into the rotation...
and in the meantime, if she asks me for a topsy-tail.... i'll flat out refuse :)

Finally, since we've been under the weather here lately and not much has been going on (at least not much that you'd want to read about - ha!) I thought I would take a page from some of my other favorite bloggers/friends and do a Question and Answer post.  I always enjoy reading these types of posts from others, probably because I am so inquisitive (aka - nosy - ha!) So if there is something you have been wanting to ask me, leave your question(s) in the comments and I will do a post or two answering them next week sometime. Unless there are NO questions, and at that point I may take the blog private out of sheer embarrassment - just kidding! :)
If it is something that I am not comfortable answering on the blog, I will do my best to email you with the answer (but hopefully that won't be the case!) ;0)

Happy Wednesday Friends! :)

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