Thursday, May 5, 2011

confessions of a pregnant woman...

*Confession #1: My feet are so swollen they look like Shrek and my toes resemble vienna sausages....Jeffrey has recently referred to my feet as "concrete feet" (lovingly, of course).  But, I honestly don't know if I could make it through a pedicure without having to:
a)tee-tee or b)get cramps in my legs so instead, I've just packed lots of socks for the hospital.
*Confession #2: I ate an entire order of 25 munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts this morning.  I justified it by telling myself that I shared them with Libbi (she ate half of one and then said "no more"), 25...well 24 1/2 munchkins are basically the same as 2-3 regular sized donuts, (right?), and I since I ate some before Bible Study and some (the rest) after, it basically equalled just two servings. :)

*Confession #3: I fell asleep during church for the first time since childhood a couple of weeks ago.  
*Confession #4: I wear pajamas more than regular clothes.  I have even ventured out in public in them.  My brother had us over for a cookout last Sunday and I called on the way there to let him know that I would be attending in my PJ's.  

*Confession #5: I'm so over all my maternity clothes, which is kind of a good thing I guess, since most of them don't even fit anymore. (see confession #4)  Even my maternity panties are coming unraveled at the seams....and I could really care less.  I am almost (almost) looking forward to the "mesh" panties that they give you in the hospital - how sad is that?!
*Confession #6: I haven't worn a ring on my finger in two months.  Getting them on/off my fingers would more than likely involve some sort of butter and/or special tools....

*Confession #7: I keep blueberry muffins on my nightstand....and I inevitably find smooshed blueberries and/or muffin crumbs in the bed the next morning.
*Confession #8: I am not one to wash my hair every day....I'm more of an every-other-day/every-third-day kind of shampoo'er. BUT, lately, I have been washing my hair every single day....just in case. I do not want to go into labor unprepared!

*Confession #9: I have been coming up with different plans of what to do if my water breaks in the car/at church/in the store/at home, etc....something I never thought about when pregnant with Libbi.
*Confession #10: When Jeffrey and I were talking about the birth of Baby Tippins, he asked me if I would do anything differently this time than what I did with Libbi.  I quickly (and without thinking) responded, "yes!  I will definitely re-apply my makeup and fix my hair before we let anyone in to come see us this time!"  I don't really think that's what he had in mind....

*Confession #11: I ordered some cookies to give out as favors at the hospital and to our visitors.  I've already eaten two of them.....this baby better hurry up!
*Confession #12: Jeffrey has to back the car out of the garage for me to be able to get into the passenger seat.  Otherwise, I can't walk through the small space (it really is tiny!) in the garage to get into the car.  

*Confession #13: This doesn't really have anything to do with being pregnant, but when I opened our garage door today, the stray cat that hangs around our neighborhood (ugh!) ran into our garage.  Libbi and I sat in the car for an additional 10 minutes while I tried to shoo him out by honking the horn and starting and restarting the garage door opener.  He finally moseyed on out when he was good and ready and I followed him in the car just to make sure he was at a safe enough distance away before we pulled into the garage again and got out of the car (once it was safely closed behind us).
*Confession #14: I couldn't tell you the last time I went to the grocery store, but I did find a grocery bag in my backseat with some potatoes and apples in it.  Apparently they never got unpacked from my last trip (3? 4? 5? weeks ago??)  Sadly, I had no idea they were even missing.

*Confession #15: I cry.  A lot.  A lot a lot.  It's almost alarming. 
*Confession #16: We went to chick-fil-a three times last week just so Libbi could play on the playground.  Two of those times we didn't even get anything to eat.  It's just easier to let her play on the playground there because I can sit and watch her and not have to worry about chasing her around.

*Confession #17: I have typed lists of what everyone (me, Libbi, baby) is to wear during our hospital/grandparent stay (including but not limited to special outfits, play clothes, and pajamas). I would probably type something up for Jeffrey too, if he'd let me. :)
*Confession #18: I am way past walking normally, even way past waddling at this point.  I definitely have the pregnant swagger going on and it is not cool.  I try my best to fake it when out in public, but I have resigned myself to the fact that I am just going to look like I am about to topple over (think weeble wobble) at any second for a while longer.

*Confession #19: I want pictures of myself during this time, especially pictures of me with my little family, but I immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY) delete any that are taken. I feel like the camera adds at least 10 pounds to my face.....and my arms.....and my legs.....and so on and so forth.
*Confession #20: Throughout all the trials, mishaps, and discomfort that pregnancy can involve, there is still no greater privilege than carrying a child and I wouldn't change a thing about it!

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