Thursday, July 21, 2011

a list....

1.  Libbi has "camp" this week at her preschool.  She LOVES it!  It's been nice for her to be able to play with some of her school friends, make crafts, and see her teacher that she adores.  When it's all said and done though, her favorite thing by far has been eating lunch at school - ha!  When she went to MDO, it ended at 12 so she would eat lunch at home.  Since she is a little older now, camp lasts until 1:30 so she has to bring her lunch.  Every morning she makes sure to tell me that she is going to eat at school (it's sometimes a fight to get her to even eat breakfast at home). And when I pick her up and ask her what she did at school, she lists everything that was in her lunch. :)  For all I know, she begs her teacher to eat as soon as she walks in the door.....
2.  We have ants.  I guess it was bound to happen.  Libbi basically leaves a "hansel and gretel trail" everywhere she goes.  I guess the blessing in disguise was that I found them during naptime Tuesday afternoon, so at least I was able to (attempt to) take care of them without any "assistance." I know it's not the worst thing in the world, but it just really grosses me out.  The exterminator came this morning.  Libbi has been intent on finding ants and yells out, "a ant!" every time she sees the tiniest speck. I've been itching ever since I found them and I keep having "phantom ant bites" where I swear I've been bitten or that they're on me, but they're not. (sorry if you are now feeling the same way) :)

3.  Laney has been more content the past few days.  Our pediatrician said that colic typically "peaks" at two months, so maybe we're turning a corner.  Either way, she's still the sweetest thing.  Since Libbi has been at camp, Laney and I have been able to spend our mornings together and she has just been smiling and cooing up a storm.  I forgot how much I love baby noises....well, the cute baby "noises" :)

4.  Libbi has started waking up in the night again.  I'm not really sure what to do.  She's always been a pretty good sleeper (unless she was teething or had an ear infection), but for the past two weeks (or more) she's been waking up like clockwork around 12 - 12:30 every single night (or is it morning?) We're not opposed to the whole cry-it-out thing, and we would let her, but she just doesn't calm down.  It gets so bad that I'm afraid that she will either a) throw-up OR b) climb out of her crib.  She is ADAMANT that she wants to be in "momma's bed."  I don't know if it's because she knows that Laney sleeps in our room (not in our bed) or if she's had a bad dream or what..... Of course, I know it's not helping that I give in, but it gets to the point that she is just so upset and we're so tired that we just let her get in our bed.  She falls right back asleep and about an hour or so later, I transfer her back to her bed.  I thought that maybe if I told her she couldn't have her paci and her lovey if she came into our room that it might deter her.  I also told her I would take her for ice cream if she "stayed in Libbi's bed."  We talked about it over and over and over and I thought that it just might work.  Last night, when she woke up and I eventually went into her room, the first thing she said was, "bye-bye pa-pa (paci), bye-bye love love (lovey)" and then she said, "C'mon Momma!" and started off for our room.  So I guess the old no paci, no lovey threat didn't work....
She goes to bed just fine, her nighttime routine is the same, and when I move her back to her bed she is fine.  It's just that small window in the middle of the night.  I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do or why it's happening.  Any suggestions????

4.   While we're talking suggestions, does anyone have one for a good stain remover?  I feel like we lose so many good outfits and onesies due to stains.  I try to treat them as soon as they happen, but apparently what I'm using just isn't working.  Jeffrey's suggestion was to quit buying cute clothes, but I'm not really leaning towards that at this point. :)

5.  I think I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I can't stop pinning! :)  I always sign off feeling more crafty and domestically inclined than I actually am.  I have a whole catalog of ideas that I will probably never do anything with; except look at and dream.  But, it's still fun :)

6.  I have a confession:  I love Toddlers and Tiaras.  Does anyone else watch it?  It's so bad that it's good.  Some of my all-time favorite lines are, "We'll worry about her education and schoolin' later, right now our focus is on pageants." Niiiiice!  And, last night when the three-year-old beauty queen was screaming at her mother, her mom proceeded to say that she "wasn't really embarrassed by the yelling, because she's still little and it's still kind of cutesy." Seriously?!?!  I just can't look away :)

7.  I told Jeffrey that Libbi and I were having "boot camp" next week.  His first reaction was to laugh because he missed where I said "Libbi" and he thought that I said I was going to boot camp (you know, like the kind where you exercise).  After he stopped laughing (I'm not really sure why it was so funny), I explained that we were going to start potty training and say good-bye to the paci next week.  We're going to attempt the 3-day potty training.  Has anyone else tried this?  Any luck?  I'm not sure if it's a good idea or bad to start potty-training and cut out the paci all in the same week, but I guess we'll find out!  So, if you don't hear from me come Monday, you'll know why! :)
Sorry for all of the random points today- there's not much going on at the Tippins House (unless you count ants, colic, camp, potty-training, no sleep, and the like).  Hope y'all are having a great day!  Happy Friday Eve!! :)

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