Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday tidbits....

Just some bulleted "tidbits" on this Tuesday....
* I was really tired today, we had a long night last night.  I swear the girls were playing some kind of tag team game.  As soon as I would get one to sleep, the other would wake up.  It was like they were saying, "okay, I'm tired....so - tag, you're it!" and then the other sister would take over.  Lord help, if they're already ganging up on me, what in the world are the next 16+ years going to look like?!? Unfortunately, I was not privy to their "game" last night and was super tired of the back and forth.  Hopefully tonight will be better. :)
*I just joined twitter.  It's kind of addicting, but I'm still figuring it all out.  

*I've had lots of people email me asking about different outfits of the girls or where I bought certain things, so I decided to add a "Shop With Me" tab in my menu bar that features a lot of my favorite shops and online sites.  If you have any questions, let me know!  I love talking "shop" ;-)

*We got a jogging stroller and I decided to go for a run today.  I told Libbi about it yesterday and she was SO excited.  she kept saying, "Momma...RUN!" and then sprinting around the house.  She told everyone about it.  I finally figured out that she was probably so excited, because she's never seen me run before - ha! When we went to the park this morning, I was all equipped with my C25K app and ready to get my run on, but Laney didn't get the memo.  She screamed the entire time. seriously, the entire time.  That mixed with Libbi yelling, "Go, Momma, Go!" (not to be confused with Go, Dog, Go) meant that I was quickly reminded why I haven't taken up running before now.  
*We're going to the beach in a few weeks....do y'all have any suggestions for items that are "must haves" for a 2 year old and/or 4 month old? 
*I guess mostly everyone has heard about the earthquake on the east coast by now.  I think even a few people in ATL felt it.  My mom asked if I had felt the earthquake, and I told her that I honestly wouldn't even know it if I had.  I feel like I'm constantly rocking/shaking/swaying/bouncing someone or something 24 hours a day, so I'm not really sure I would notice a few extra trembles.

*The other night we had tacos for supper.  Libbi had finished eating and then decided she wanted to take one more bite of chips and salsa.  She picked up a pepper from the salsa and popped it in her mouth.  (I'm not sure what she thought it was, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't thinking, "pepper") She immediately started coughing and gagging and saying, "yucky!" Since she had already finished her meal, we decided to go ahead and let her have a little dessert (so she could get that yucky taste out of her mouth.)  She ate a mini ice cream sandwich and was in hog heaven.  Today we were having chips and salsa again (what can I say, we love us some Mexican food!) and she picked up a pepper.  I reminded her that she didn't like them, but before I could even complete my sentence, she had already eaten it.  She immediately looked at me and said, "yucky!  I need ice cream!" haha...nice try, little stinker!
*Finally, and most importantly....Laney laughed for the first time today!  She has given us lots of little chuckles and giggles over the past couple of weeks, but today she gave her first big belly laugh.  There is nothing sweeter!  I actually caught it on video, but I'll spare you (today at least) since it involves me fake sneezing (hey, whatever works - right?!) and camera work that will make you feel like you have vertigo as it very closely resembles the blair witch project.....
Hope y'all had a great Tuesday! :-)

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