Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 months...

Precious Lay Lay Girl, you are 5 months old today!!!
(and I'll go ahead and put it out there that you were having a rough hair day today.  You seemed to have gotten into a wrestling match with your headwrap last night. I think it's pretty obvious who won... ;-))
I canNOT believe you are already 5 months old - you need to slow down this whole getting older thing - STAT!
There are times I look at you and you seem so big, but then other times you still seem like my little tiny (kind of) baby that I just brought home from the hospital.
This has been a busy, busy month for you!  You seem to have hit a bit of a growth spurt and have gained almost 3 pounds since your 4month check-up!  We just love all of your rolls and squishiness!
Speaking of rolls, you still do not roll over, but you are close! You are just way too busy trying to sit up and conning people into picking up your cute little self.
I was SO ready for your sister to become mobile when she was your age, but I've grown wiser in my almost three years as a mother, and I am in NO hurry for you to go anywhere! You stay in one place for as long as you want baby girl!
You wear mostly size 9 month clothes and a few 6-12 month. You are in a size 3 diaper (confession: we had to use some of Libbi's 5's because you outgrew your size 2's so fast that we didn't even have time for your 3's to ship!) You have AT LEAST one diaper blowout a day, which has left me considering buying stock in oxyclean.
You LOVE: being tickled, raspberries being blown anywhere on you, your sister, the exersaucer, the bumbo, the swing, being held JUST the right way (and you'll let us know if it's not), anyone that will talk to you or smile at you, white noise (thank you Jesus for the white noise app!) and your toes.

You are not a fan of: your carseat, diaper/clothing changes, bottles (aaah!), the pacifier (please explain this to your sister!), the hairdryer (when i use it and you're in the room - we don't blow dry your hair...yet), missing a meal, being cold after bathtime, the nasal aspirator (but who is?), having your fingernails clipped, socks, and teething (for the record, neither are we!)
You are such a sweet baby and you seem to just go with the flow, which is great, because right now you have a sister that wants to run the show - ha!  Although you look sweet as pie, we can already tell that you are going to be a fiesty little thing.  I'm sure one of these days you'll give your sister a run for her money!
You had your first (and hopefully only!) surgery this month. You had a small cyst removed from your head and you took it like a champ!!!! you had so many people praying for you, and it was evident in the way that you took all the changes and new situations in stride.
You reach for everything....and then it goes straight into your mouth. I have to keep a close eye on you and your sister, because she can be a bit of an enabler to your teething addiction. She has a tendency to "share" all kinds of goodies with you - the majority which are NOT edible (i.e. kazoos, papers, etc) and even the ones that are edible you should NOT be having (i.e. a spoonful of icing, juice, etc) ;-) You don't seem to mind... but I do! :)

Laney James, you are such a sweet addition to our family. What in the world would we do without you?! You make every day more joyful than the one before. We never take for granted what an amazing blessing you are in our lives and we thank God every day for choosing us to take care of you here on this earth.
We love everything about you, Lay-Lay and we can't wait to watch you grow even more this coming month.
Happy 5 Months Laney Girl :)
"For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation."
Psalm 100:5
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