Thursday, October 6, 2011

sister, sister

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Sister....

10.  A sister will let you enjoy her toys (or at least let you watch while she enjoys them).

9.  A sister will ride in the backseat of the "car" so you and your "friend" can ride shotgun.

8.  A sister will make sure you always have a bow in your hair. She's your very own (self-proclaimed) personal stylist.

7.  A sister won't judge you for your risque fashion choices.

6.  A sister knows how to push all your buttons....from day one. :)

5.  A sister will encourage you to expand your horizons and try new things.

4.  A sister makes sure you're taken care of.

3.  A sister knows that sometimes just being present is enough.

2.  A sister makes sure you have all you need to have a good time.

1.  A sister is a friend for life.

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