Thursday, October 20, 2011

songs and numbers...

Just a quick video of Libbi Lou for your viewing pleasure....

a few things of note:

*yes, she is wearing Christmas jammies. We live in the south y'all and the temp dropped below 55 last night. So naturally, we break out the festive fleece jammies. :)

*She starts out praying for Blakeley - her sweet little cousin who has had the stomach bug :(

* I love to hear her say, "eleven" - it makes me smile every time.

*ignore her exorcist voice that rears it's head at the end...we're battling some nasty croup.

*finally, in case you were wondering(?) worried(?) I was not ignoring Laney while filming Libbi. Jeffrey was holding her, she was just fussy and is fighting that awful croup, too. Guess that's one of the disadvantages of having more than one baby...they share germs. :)

Have a great Thursday! :)
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