Monday, October 24, 2011

it's not you, it's me....

we've been dealing with a break-up of epic proportions here at the Tippins House.
there have been tears shed, hearts broken, and bedtimes postponed...
but I *think* we've weathered the storm....

It was around this time last year that things were going so well for y'all. You were so happy together.

There was nothing that the two of you (and a "love-love") couldn't get through together.
You truly went through sickness and health, good times and were in it for better or for worse.

We began to worry when you started spending a little too much time together so we decided to intervene and set limits.  You seemed to accept them with ease, until your little world was rocked.

we gave you some time to realize that a break-up was the best choice, but it became pretty obvious that you weren't going to come to that conclusion on your own.
so we made the decision for you.

Because we love you.

and because we don't want to pay out the wazhoo for orthodontia down the road.

we are SO proud (and pleasantly surprised) of the way you have handled it. the first few days were rough, but you seem to have turned a corner.
Break-ups are hard. Especially when it's a relationship you've had since birth.
Believe me, it was hard for us, too. We felt like we were losing a member of our family. It was like watching our baby turn into a little girl overnight!
Since the breakup, we make sure never to mention your "Ex" by name.
You've started carrying around a lot more stuff (I guess it's only natural that a breakup comes with baggage though, right?!) ;-)

Tonight, you are sleeping with: 4 Monsters, Inc. books, 2 Strawberry Shortcake books, 2 loveys, a toy dog, a set of plastic keys, a baby doll, 2 blankets, and a seahorse that plays music. But, you're asleep and that's what counts. :)

Thankfully, we know that bigger and better things are in your future. You'll look back on this as a stepping stone. And I'm sure you'll be able to smile about it....hopefully with a mouth full of straight teeth. ;-)

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