Thursday, November 17, 2011

friday phone cleanse...

Since I haven't blogged all week (GASP!) Here's a few pics from the 'ole phone to help me keep track of what in the world we've been up to. :)
Our week in pictures (and a few captions) ;-)

Libbi wasn't feeling good which warranted some lounging around and taking it easy.
In an attempt to help her feel better, I showed Libbi how to take pictures of herself on my phone. It's safe to say she doesn't mind having her picture made when she's the one taking it. Since she could see herself on the screen, she made sure to pull out all her best "faces"

When that didn't do the trick, we made a trip to the doctor. Of course we got the ever original diagnosis of "virus" and pretty much paid to be told "keep doing what you're doing" but, I am thankful it was nothing more serious.
Libbi rested for the rest of the afternoon while Laney practiced her sitting.
She has been sitting for longer and longer periods of time.
what can i say...she's got a sturdy foundation. baby girl is built like a rock. :)
Libbi had school (glory, hallelujah!) but our mornings would not be complete without some sort of battle....
Laney and I stayed in our jammies for way too long. All that sitting she does really wears her out, so she likes to take a nice snooze in the pack-n-play napper. (she does have a bed, she just prefers not to sleep in it, yet).
Laney also had rice cereal for the first time. She loved it! I think it's pretty obvious that the girl has got an appetite! I thought it would take us a few tries for her to get the hang of it, but she was taking bites like she's been doing it all her life (all 6 months of it!) :)
She was pretty proud to be sitting in the big girl high chair!
My parents came over to watch the girls while I went to our couples small group by myself since Jeffrey was out of town. I love our group! It is always such a refreshing time. We did miss Jeffrey, though! (btw, we're reading "Enemies of the Heart" by Andy Stanley...I highly recommend it!!)

I had my ladies small group at church and the girls went with me since there is childcare. It was raining, so there was no fight over the playground. We were having a pretty good day (aka no meltdowns, no time-outs, etc) and enjoying our afternoon at home...

Until naptime rolled around and along with it came a tornado warning. So we spent the first part of naptime bonding in the bathroom downstairs. Not really "restful" for anyone. :)
Libbi got a package in the mail from her Mini Mail Pal and was over the moon!
Lots of cute, cute stuff and a turkey shirt to wear to school for her Thanksgiving feast!!
Thank you, Kennedy!!! ;-)

Libbi spent the rest of the night building towers. She'ss been very into building towers lately. She especially loves it when someone else builds it and she can karate chop (and kick) it down. It's really such a nice, calming, quiet game to play while Laney is sleeping.

Libbi wore her precious turkey shirt for her Thanksgiving feast at school.
She was pretty proud of it! Our fight this morning was over which toys to take in the car (there is a limit) she realllllly wanted to take the dinosaur...and the hippo, books, maracas, strawberry shortcake, etc, etc, etc.
Laney and I got some things done around the house while Libbi was at school. When we picked her up, she told us all about her feast ("I hun-gee. I no eat nuff-in") and was so proud of the hat she made. Although I do think something may have gotten lost in translation, because she was adamant that she made a "pirate hat."  She has been talking about that "pirate hat" nonstop. silly girl. ;-)
we were so happy to find some turkeys in the mail from the lovely lulu mcgee!

Friday morning started off at the doctor's office....again! This time we went for Laney's six month well visit and also flu shots for both of the girls.
Laney weighed in at 21 pounds (99%tile) and 26.75inches long (75%tile) GO LAY LAY!
Both girls did great with their shots. Libbi got to choose something out of the treasure box and after much consideration she finally decided upon a magic wand. She spent the remainder of the morning and afternoon casting spells?? Who knows. I think she may have picked it up from Abby's Flying Fairy School, but I'm not really sure...
Since we had such a busy morning, I thought I might get good naps out of both the girls....but no such luck. Oh well! :)
We played for the rest of the afternoon. Laney snacked on some ice cream.
Libbi continued to do her "magic."
After a busy week of doctor's appointments, small group, a traveling Daddy, flu shots, and school...we are happy to be home on a Friday night!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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