Monday, November 7, 2011

the little things...

Libbi is changing so much every day and she is becoming more and more of her own little person. It's so much fun to watch all the new things she does and hear all the funny things she says.  I feel like at this stage in her life, it's not so much the big milestones that we're marking (sitting up, standing, walking, etc) it's more of the little things.  Little nuances and sayings that may not be just right, but they're so completely Libbi. These "tricks" are not like the skills that we worked at and practiced until she'd accomplished them. It's more like little things that have just become so much apart of her that it will be hard to pinpoint the exact moment that she outgrows them. In my mind, I know she'll all too soon learn the correct way to say things but in my heart, I know that when she does, I'll honestly be sad! It will mark another stage of growing up and those stages are happening all too fast these days!
Libbi loves to hide anywhere she can (most of the time she's not very conspicuous with her hiding places...) but she is especially into making sudden appearances from her hiding spots. Each time she jumps out she yells, "HERE ME HAM!!!"

For some reason she says, "ha-woke" instead of "hold" So when she wants me to pick her up she says, "ha-woke me, momma!" Or if she wants me to carry something for her (i.e. her collection of junk that goes EVERYWHERE with her - even to bed) she says, "ha-woke 'dis and ha-woke 'dis."

Speaking of her collection of is the current list:
baby's bottle
cat (happy meal toy)
strawberry shortcake
stretchy spider
a set of 'noculars (so she can "see far 'way") these were an old kindergarten sample that i had in one of my kindergarten files. who knew she would like them?!?
an elmo board book
a dog that goes with a set of stacking blocks
4 monsters, inc. books
2 (yes, TWO) sets of teething keys
and I know I'm forgetting a few.
She carries all of them in a halloween bucket, except for the baby and her bottle. Those stay in her arms at all times.
The baby's bottle is one of those cheap little bottles that looks like it has liquid in it, and appears to empty when it's turned upside down. I can't tell you how many times she tried to drink the "juice" from the bottle and how many times she said, "it's broke,'s not workin'!" because nothing was coming out of it.
When she knows she's about to get into trouble she starts saying, "yes ma'am, momma. yes ma'am" over and over. I guess she thinks that will help?
(her hiding spot...she added a pillow so she'd be more comfortable)
There is nothing sweeter than when she says, "Lay-Lay" (which sounds more like "yay-yay")  and of course we all call Laney, "Lay-Lay" now because of Libbi.  She says, "I yove yay-yay sooooo much!" at least 50 times a day....and then looks around to make sure somebody, anybody, heard how sweet she was being - ha! :)
I'll definitely be sad when she starts saying, "Laney" instead of "Lay-Lay."
She loves to roll right over by Laney and let Laney "get her." Of course, she then tries to scoot away and makes sure to tell Laney, "no ma'am lay-lay! no get my hair!!"
She frequently (as in 3/4's of the day) gets in Laney's face and says, "My name Bibbi Jane. I like you toes Lay-Lay" haha! sometimes it's "I like you hair." or "I like you eyes" etc, etc, etc.

We fight over triangles many times throughout the day. She LOVES to say, "triangle has TWO sides! TWO sides! TWO sides!" At this point, I'm pretty sure she knows it has three, but she also knows that by saying a triangle has two sides she is driving me batty. :) If I tell her a triangle has three sides, she will chant "TWO sides!!" over and over. :-)
Finally (for now, because I could really go on and on) Libbi has a sweet tooth like none other (except for maybe her momma!) so Halloween was seriously the best thing that has ever happened to her. We let her have a piece of candy each day and it is the highlight of her day. She has a VERY hard time limiting herself to one piece (and it usually ends up in some sort of dramatic falling out). She's a sneaky little thing, though. She will choose her one piece of candy, eat almost the entire thing, and then proceed to tell me that it's "yucky" and "i no yike dat canny." Which means that she thinks she should be able to choose another candy to eat. sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

Oh, how we love this sweet, sweet girl! :)

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