Thursday, January 12, 2012

8 months...

Happy 8 months Laney Girl!

I canNOT believe that you are just four short months away from turning a year old! Time is just flying by. I feel like we just brought you home from the hospital, and yet here you are sitting by yourself, trying to crawl, and just growing by leaps and bounds!

This month has been a busy month for you. It has definitely been a month of moving!! We finally moved you over to your crib....after I said "six weeks tops" in our room (famous last words, huh?) You would have been fine earlier, but it was more so out of laziness on my part. :)  You are not the best sleeper so it was just easier for me to tend to you when you were in our room than having to get out of bed and go into your room 500 times a night. 

You're pretty much the opposite of your sister at this age. She was an awesome nighttime sleeper, but a terrible napper. You take wonderful naps, but sleep fitfully at night. You take two 2-3 hour naps each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon (if the stars are all aligned, you and Libbi will nap at the same time - hallelujah!) You go to bed around 7 most nights and will wake up (for good) around 7 the next morning. You still wake up around 2-3 times a night. 

 You are 22 pounds of solid muscle ;-) and i think the majority of it is in your thighs. You wear size 4 diapers and size 12 month clothes. 

You are an excellent independent sitter and can roll around like it's your job. You are trying SO hard to crawl, but just haven't quite figured out how to go forward. You can scoot backwards and "army crawl" your way towards anything, and you are always pushing up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth. You can scoot yourself so far back that you are just about an inch away from sitting yourself up! 

We've reached the "x-ray vision-i-will-find-the-most-miniscule-piece-of-anything-on-the-floor stage." Luckily, your sister is a watchdog (aka a tattletale) and will immediately alert me if you even think about putting something in your mouth. (unless of course she's the one feeding it to you). She also likes to throw in a "No ma'm Lay Lay! What me tell you bout that? No ma'am!" 

I try to tell Libbi all the time that she needs to enjoy this time while she can. Right now, all she has to do is move away from you and you can't touch "her stuff" but pretty soon, you'll be all over it.  Girlfriend's gonna freak. :)

You love to stand. You can stand up holding onto something, but can't pull yourself up just yet.  You lock your legs all the time and arch your back to make sure we know that you are wanting to stand. 

You love: sweet potatoes, green beans, puffs, your sister!, standing, laughing, chewing on things, your momma!, watching daddy do anything, smiling, eating, taking baths, eating, being tickled, eating.... ;-)

You do not love: your carseat, sleeping through the night, bananas, when someone walks by you without picking you up (you are rotten!), getting your fingernails clipped, getting your diaper changed, and teething.

You have four teeth - two on top and two one the bottom - with two more trying to make their way through on the bottom. 

You are such a happy baby. You smile and laugh all day long. There is nothing I love more than hearing you and Libbi laugh and play together. This month you have really been aware of Libbi and will watch her every move and try your best to get her attention if she's not looking at you. When I put you in the car to go get Libbi from school, you immediately look over to her carseat with a puzzled look on your face like, "where is she?!" :)

Laney James, you are just the most precious, sweet spirited little baby and we love every little roly poly inch of you! You make us smile every day and we can't imagine our lives without you! My prayer for you is that you will always be so quick to smile and bring to joy to others around you. We love you sweet Lay-Lay!
Happy 8 months!

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