Friday, January 27, 2012

friday facts

*Fact: We're finally over the all the least the bulk of it. the girls still have runny noses and coughs, but are fever free - woohoo! I'll be so happy when they're both 100%. I tell you what, having to hold down two screaming babies to try and force feed them antibiotics twice a day can really start to wear on you. Whew! That is definitely not my idea of fun and I'm pretty sure it's not theirs, either! ;-)
*Fact: I met up with some sweet friends for dinner on Wednesday night. Jeffrey stayed home with the girls.... a little baptism by fire if you will. Bless his heart, he had to do supper, baths, medicine, and bedtime for both girls. I should have known how the night would go when I asked Libbi, "Are you going to be sweet for Daddy while I'm gone?" and she said, "hmmmmm...prolly no.
He still came home after work the next day, so I guess it wasn't too bad. ;)
*Fact: Libbi didn't nap on Wednesday. She sang, jumped, danced, played, read books, and called my name constantly from her bed. But she didn't nap. She didn't nap yesterday either. But yesterday when she called my name over and over it sounded a little more urgent, so I went upstairs to check on her. There's nothing quite like walking into your two-year-old's room and having her immediately say, "there's poo-poo in my bed." and then noticing that her diaper is no longer on her body. I'll leave it at that. But, it is every bit as awful as you are imagining. 

*Fact: I've been bad about saving all the laundry until Sunday afternoons and then doing loads and loads and loads (or letting Jeffrey do loads and loads and loads). This week, I made it a goal to do a load each day instead of letting it pile up. Apparently, my girls decided to hold me accountable to this. There have been multiple bouts of barfing (on me, on them, in the bed), plenty of diaper blowouts (thank you antibiotics) throw in yesterday's "diaper situation" and I've done at least one load a day, sometimes two. Including everyone's bedding! 

*Fact: Libbi cracks me up on a daily basis. That girl is hilarious. Since Laney plays with a good bit of Libbi's old toys and wears some of her old clothes, I guess we often say, "that used to be yours when you were a baby...." So now, whenever Libbi sees something that she thinks is small or tiny, she assumes that she used to play with it or wear it when she was a baby. For instance, the small openings between the baby-gates and the floor- Libbi is certain that when she was a baby, she used to crawl under them (not unless she was an insect because the gate sits about an inch/inch and a half off the floor). Or her "little people" horse - daily she tells me, "when I was a li-lul baby, i rided 'dis horse!"

* Fact: We watch the Bachelor on Monday nights just so we can laugh hysterically at everything they do. It is like a horrible comedy. I am so embarrassed and mortified for those girls the entire time I'm watching it, but I just can't quit laughing.  Jeffrey told me he wished I was on there so he could laugh at me every week. And as sweet as that is, I could never do it. I would be so un-cool and so boring. I would probably just hang out at the mansion in my sweats all day. :)
*Fact: Tomorrow night is Date Night! I can't wait :)
(Fact: I feel like Dwight Schrute every time I say, "fact")

Happy Friday! 

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