Wednesday, January 18, 2012

libbi 2.5

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With all the excitement and busy-ness of Christmas, I missed doing a post to mark Libbi turning 2.5. I feel like even just the past couple of weeks she has really taken off with her speech and vocabulary. we've entered into the "why" stage where she wants to know why everything is happening, where it came from, how it got there, etc, etc. etc. And let me be the first to tell you "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer.

From the minute she wakes up in the morning asking what color shirt Daddy has on at work, to the minute she goes back to bed at night asking where MawMaw's Bible is - the questions never, ever stop. :)
I want to write down a few of the things she says most often these days so I can look back and remember Libbi 2.5. Just a fair warning, although we think she's pretty funny, I realize that this post might be completely boring to anyone other than grandparents. :-)
Her favorite movie right now (which could very well be different by the time this post publishes tomorrow) is The Lion King. We only watch the beginning when Simba is born and a small cub. When it gets to the hyenas and the stampede scene, we have to skip ahead. She says its "stare-ee!" And to be honest, I'm not really up for explaining what happened to Simba's Daddy. :(
She loves to pretend that she is Simba (of course I get to play the role of Rafiki and lift her over my head) and make Laney bow down to her. She will lift her Simba doll over her head (if I'm unavailable to play Rafiki and if Laney is unavailable to bow down) and scream "SIMMMMBA!" Timon and Pumba just get to ride around in her buggy with her while she does her shoppin' :)
One of my favorite things that is a recent development is that she has really started using her imagination. It's so much fun to see! She had been learning so much about "Baby Jesus" here recently and talking about Him a lot. One day at lunch she had a chip on her plate and it had a smaller crumb on top of it. She very excitedly said, "LOOK, MOMMA!" it's special baby jesus in the manger!" and proceded to pretend the large chip was the manger and the smaller crumb was baby Jesus - ha!
She is a whiz with technology. That girl can work an iphone and the ipad like it's nobody's business. I am amazed at how easy it is for her to figure those things out. She definitely doesn't get that from me! :)
She also loves to look through catalogs and mark the things she that she does get from me! ;-)

She acts things out all.the.time. She is such the drama queen. But, she is so funny too! We literally laugh all the time. It is amazing how quickly she can go from one emotion to the next (I guess some girls are just born with that talent - ha!) One minute she's telling Laney "you my bess fran" and the next she's scolding her and saying "No ma'am lay-lay!"
Libbi has an incredible memory and sense of direction. She remembers everything! This can be a good thing and a bad. :) When we go to the store to pick up a few things, I'll tell her what's on our list. More than once, she's reminded me of something that I've forgotten to pick up and saved me a repeat trip. But if I tell her Mimzy or Buddy is coming over after naptime (just as a general period of time) she will wake up from her nap asking for them and wanting to know why they are not here. The other day she and Blakeley were playing and Blakeley had on one of her momma's necklaces. A few days later, I wore the same necklace and Libbi would not quit asking me why I was wearing "auntie mannie's" necklace.
Libbi loves to sing! She sings all the time and has just recently started trying to sing with us. She'll ask me to sing to her when I put her to bed at night and she'll just kind of hum along until she learns a few of the words. There is nothing sweeter than hearing her sing "Jesus Loves Me."
She loves to get in the car after school and tell me all about her day. She will recount everything that was in her lunchbox (even though I'm the one that packed it so I'm pretty sure I know what was in it) and she let's me know what she did/did not eat. She is also very free with sharing who went to time-out on that particular day, even when that person is her! :(
She loves her sister...sometimes a little too much :)
She loves making Laney laugh and will do anything and everything to get her to. Libbi and Laney can cause quite the ruckus - ha! Libbi loves to go get Laney when she wakes up from her nap. She always says, " so 'sited to see me?!?!?" And will tell her she loves her so much and missed her so much. If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!

I could go on and on with all the things that we love about sweet Libbi and all the precious and hilarious things she says, but I'll save some for another day. She's growing up before our eyes and we are enjoying every minute (well, almost every minute....there's a few tantrums I could do without) :-)
Libbi Jane, you are quite the character and we just love you to pieces! There is no one else like you, sweet girl.
And, just in case they're weren't enough pictures in this post - haha! - here's a short little video of Libbi reciting her Bible Verse: "With God, All things are possible!" Matthew 19:26. Amen and Amen! :)

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