Sunday, January 15, 2012

project 365...

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okay, so i know that last week i said i was doing the photo challenge that i found on pinterest, but i've changed my mind - ha! :)
i had completely forgotten about project 365 (actually 366 this year since it's a leap year) and decided to forgo the monthly photo challenge in lieu of project 365. 
i thought project 365 would be a little more relevant since it's basically a photo a day for the entire year. i was struggling trying to find some of the things with the previous photo challenge, but this is easier since it's just our every day lives (albeit maybe not quite as interesting, but easier to chronicle for my sake).

My friend Sarah shared some great apps to use: project 365 and red stamp
project 365 is a free app that you can download that includes a calendar to add a photo each day. you can also program it to send you a reminder to take your picture for the day.

red stamp is a fun app that has different photo editing and collages you can use. that's what i used for the pictures in this post. it makes it really easy, because i can take the pictures with my iphone, edit/arrange them in red stamp, save them back to my phone, and then blog them from my phone, too! easy!! :)

So, without further delay...
Project 365: Week 2
i couldn't decide between these pics, so i cheated and used 2 for 1.8.12

I linked up with Laura from Between the Lines....
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Hope y'all had a great weekend! :)

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