Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 months...

Precious are NINE MONTHS OLD!!! How did THAT happen?! Wasn't it just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital?! You actually turned 9 months old on Saturday, February 11th, but I'm a little behind with your update (you poor second child) ;-)
This month has been a month full of new milestones for you! It's crazy how it seems like you spend weeks working up to a new skill, yet at the same time you seem to accomplish it and change so much overnight! This month has found you sitting yourself up, pulling up, standing and trying to "cruise", and crawling! 
You weigh a little over 22 lbs and wear mostly size 12mo clothing. you can wear a few 6-12 month onesies, but very few of them still fit. There are a few 18month outfits that fit! You wear a size 4 diaper. I have no idea what size shoe you wear, because you never wear them! We are lucky just to get socks to stay on you. 
(obviously, this month's "monthly picture" was a little more difficult to take...)
You have cut FOUR more teeth. You now have your two bottom teeth (that you LOVE to show off), four new ones on top, and two more cutting through on the bottom. You'd think with all those teeth you'd be ready for some real food, but're still a champion nurser and a wimpy table food eater. oh well. it will come. and in the meantime, i'm not too worried about you gaining weight. ;)
You are such a happy baby and you are SO expressive. There is never any doubt as to how you're definitely take after me when it comes to the "emotional" department. (it's a blessing and curse, sorry!) ;-) 
You've started having a little bit of separation anxiety. Nothing too major, just a death grip on my shirt and a few screams when you get dropped off in the nursery at church. good times. There is a sweet man that volunteers in the nursery and you have really taken to him. It's not unusual for us to find you hanging out with him in the foyer when we come to pick you up after the service. I like to tell myself that he just thinks you're so cute and wants to hold you, not that you've probably been screaming and disturbing the other babies and he's a last resort before they page us to come get you. tom-A-toe, tom-O-toe.

I had forgotten how busy new movers can be! You are into everything. Every nook, cranny, corner, and closet. You no longer care for your are more interested in any little microscopic curiosity you can find on the floor. It does not matter how often I vacuum, you will still find something to pick up and eat. It doesn't help that Libbi leaves a "hansel and gretel trail" everywhere she goes. Just today I had to stop you from eating a sticker, a thread, a piece of fuzz, a leaf, and an m&m that Libbi dropped. And unfortunately, these are just the things that I (luckily) caught. I'm sure there are more that  will show up later (if you know what I mean...) 

You love watching everything your sister does and she loves watching everything you do, too. However, I think your motives are a little love to watch her just because you're so interested in everything she's doing. She loves to watch you just to make sure you're not into her "stuff." This month has been hard for her. It's not easy having a sister that's newly mobile and into EVERYTHING! 
(you are happily chewing on "Strawberry Shortcake" and Libbi is totally losing it....)
While Libbi is prone to minor freakouts, she really does adore you. No one is prouder of your accomplishments than she is. I hear, "WATCH HER!!!" and "Momma...Lay-Lay can STAND UP!" no less than 100 times a day. You've been crawling for a few weeks now and Libbi still gets excited every day like it's the first time. She is DYING for you to chase her. DYING. I think it will make her life complete as soon as you can crawl after her (and then I'm pretty sure she'll tattle on you for doing it) :)
Laney James, you fill our hearts with love and our days with new adventures. We love hearing your laugh, seeing your smile, and watching you grow! I can't believe that you will be 10 months old in just a few short weeks! You are just as sweet as can be and we canNOT imagine our lives without you. What a blessing you are precious girl!
Happy Nine Months Lay Lay girl!!

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