Wednesday, February 1, 2012

memories of firsts on the first...

Laney sat up all by herself for the first time on Monday. She's been able to sit unassisted for a while now, but this time she actually sat herself up from lying down. 

I was so excited to catch one of the first times on film. 

(and if this is the first time you're hearing my voice...please try to block it out. My southern twang tends show up at the first sign of excitement). :)

Unfortunately, amidst my excitement I had forgotten that with many of the first milestones, comes a disruption in sleep patterns. The first time Laney woke up crying last night, I was surprised (and a little freaked out) to see her sitting up in bed and staring at me when I walked into her room.

However, the next five times I had to go in to rescue her from her sitting position were not as shocking as the first

We are so proud of our Laney-Girl and her first foray into true mobility! And, believe me...we are well aware of what a "game changer" this newfound independence is. first she's sitting, and the next thing we know...she'll be running laps around her sister. We know how quickly that time will come...after all, this ain't our first rodeo! ;-)

Happy February First, friends!
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