Sunday, March 11, 2012

project 365: week 10...

project 365: week 10
this was kind of a slow week with every member of the tippins family being hit by the "sickies" at some point or another. :(
our calendar for the week slowly had our "to-do's" crossed off...some due to completion, others due to omission. 
{btw, does it bother anyone else that this calendar starts on Monday? I think of Sunday as the first day of the week. Jeffrey disagrees and thinks Monday is the first day. I love this calendar, but this just drives me nuts.}
Sunday, March 4th - Saturday, March 10th
stomach bug=no fun! libbi and i were both knocked down with the stomach bug, but luckily, we recovered quickly. it's the fastest/worst diet plan out there, that's for sure :)
Libbi's been begging to go to the "lie-bear" for weeks now. We finally had the chance to go on Monday. We even made it for storytime - woohoo! After storytime we checked out lots of Clifford, Olivia, and Curious George books/DVD's. Libbi was in hog heaven with the book self check out. She walked around and said, "you ready to buy things, momma? Let's check out!" and proceeded to "scan" all of our items. We left without any major meltdowns so that in and of itself is considered a successful trip to the library. 
Libbi went to school on Tuesday and Laney busied herself getting into anything and everything she could find. She loves this little farm, but gets so frustrated with it, because she's constantly trying to climb over the door instead of going through the opening. Those thighs are heavy lifting. :) When I picked Libbi up from school, she had a fever and wasn't feeling too great. She took a nap and when she woke up, her fever was a little higher. She was pitiful. But after some ibuprofen, she perked right up and was her usual playful self the rest of the night. Jeffrey and I went to small group and Mimzy and Buddy came over to play with the girls and put them to bed.  
Wednesday morning Libbi woke up with fever again. But after one dose of ibuprofen, she was ready to go! Unfortunately, we didn't have any plans to leave the house since she had fever. She was a bit disappointed, but enjoyed staying in her jammies all day. She and Lay-Lay "played" together in Lib's room for a while and had a great time! :) It's so much fun seeing them interact more and more. (minus the massive meltdowns libbi has when laney accidentally knocks over her towers or bumps into her "stuff") 
Libs woke up with fever again on Thursday, but the one dose of ibuprofen did the trick once again. We think she just had some sort of "fever virus" because that was really her only symptom... Buddy and Mimzy just got back from their cruise and they brought Libbi this t-shirt. She was very specific in her souvenir requests and the were kind enough to oblige her. :) She insisted that I wash her dolphin shirt so she could sleep in it that night. 
Friday was the first day Libbi woke up without a fever since Tuesday - woohoo! To celebrate, we went to Target :) 
She and Laney played together some more, Laney raided the fridge, and Libbi and I had an impromptu date night to the christian chicken, because both Jeffrey and Laney started feeling sick Friday night. :(
Jeffrey and Laney woke up feeling sick Saturday morning. Libbi threw up once, but then quickly recovered. We made a quick trip to the park Saturday evening, but Libbi said there were "too many kids" there and Laney started feeling poorly, so we left pretty quickly. Poor Lay-Lay's been running a temp all weekend now. Looks like we're just passing germs around casa de Tippins. So please don't be offended if we don't invite you over this week :) 

We're praying this week finds everyone happy and HEALTHY! i'm sure we'll end up at the ped's office tomorrow (i think we have singlehandedly kept them in business this past month!). But other than that, we've got lots of plans for fun times. Can't wait!! :)
Hope y'all had a great weekend. 

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