Sunday, March 18, 2012

project 365: week 11...

unfortunately, it looks like "the sunday night sickies" are becoming a trend for my project 365 posts. laney is down and out with a fever (again!) so we had a low key weekend at home. i'm not positive, but i'd be willing to bet that her ears are to blame (again!) i guess we'll know for sure after our appt in the morning. but, until's a re-cap of week 11 of 2012:

project 365: week 11
sunday, march 11 - saturday, march 17, 2012

The weather was BEAUTIFUL so we enjoyed ice cream outside at Bruster's. Libbi has asked for "Boo-ster's" every meal since. And subsequently pouted when we've said no. That girl has a sweet tooth like no other (except maybe her momma!) ;-)

we met our sweet friends davis and amelia and their momma, laura at the mall to play. libbi has been tentative lately when it comes to crowds. there were a too many kids for her liking on the playground and she didn't want to play at first. she finally warmed up though and had a great time! :) 

laney and I enjoyed our morning together while Libbi was at school. We ran some errands and then just played...a lot! Laney is in a very "busy" stage, but oh so much fun! Tuesday nights Jeffrey and I have our couples small group (that we LOVE!) so buddy and mimzy came over to watch the girls. 

our new canvases came in the mail - woohoo!!! i had bought some groupons back before christmas and finally used them. :) libbi's canvas came last week and laney's came today! libbi loves looking at them and will talk to her portrait every chance she gets - ha! now to decide where to hang them....

libbi took these cute little treats to her friends at school today. the exterminator came this morning and we had to be out of the house for 4 hours! we ended up making it back home just in time for naptime - whew! priorities, people! :-)

we ran to the mall to make a few returns from our 4 hour excursion the day before...(and as i'm typing this i realized that we went to the mall THREE times last week - oops.) laney fell asleep while we were shopping, sweet angel. libbi spent the night with buddy and mimzy and had been asking me to pack her bags since monday. to say she was excited is an understatement. i texted this picture to my dad of libbi waiting by the door with her bags packed (about an hour before he came to get her). jeffrey and i went to a surprise party for our sweet friend tammy from small group - love her! nana k came over to keep laney, but unfortunately i don't think laney was the life of the party. i think she passed out around 6pm. :) 

i met my mom and dad to pick up libbi and we did a little shopping before we headed back home. project "spring wardrobes" is in full effect! when we got home from shopping, i noticed that laney felt a little warm so i took her temp and sure enough, she had a fever! :( she felt a little better after some ibuprofen and a nap, so we loaded up the girls in the jogging stroller and walked a few miles to the park. libbi and laney had the best time playing and crawling/running all over. we celebrated st. patrick's day by wearing green and going to bed early - haha! :)

We don't have too much planned for this week outside of our normal activities, except for a visit to the pediatrician in the morning. :( 
Hopefully, by my next post all the Tippins Girls will be feeling much better!
Have a great week, y'all! :)  

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